World Bamboo Congress 2012: From the BBC to biologists – everyone’s bonkers about bamboo!

Today sees the 9th World Bamboo Congress take place at Antwerp, Belgium, focusing on bamboo biosciences, bioengineering and Agroforestry potentials which will provide a unique platform for direct networking and the sharing of ideas and information among bamboo enthusiasts.

Between today and 15th April 2012, the 6 day event will comprise bamboo trade shows, cultural performances and lectures. The World Bamboo Congress has grown to attract at least 400 participants from more than 30 worldwide countries including esteemed experts in bamboo design, construction, and architecture.

Marcus Vassiliou, Sales and Marketing Manager of alternative investment experts, Eco Investments, which markets a bamboo plantation opportunity in eastern Nicaragua, comments,

“Bamboo has become increasingly popular and everyone is talking about it, even the BBC only last week. Anyone who has any involvement in bamboo, the timber of the 21st Century whether they’re a biologist, architect or investor should definitely attend The World Bamboo Congress. It is an ideal opportunity to discover new ideas and meet and greet the best in the business.

“Indeed, EcoPlanet Bamboo, our partners and the owners and developers of the bamboo plantations in Nicaragua, will be fully sponsoring The World Bamboo Congress Bamboo Pioneers Award winners, acknowledging individuals without whom the bamboo industry would not have reached the high stages of advancement we see today.”

In the sustainable investments sector, bamboo is fast becoming the best alternative to timber; addressing global, social and environmental concerns as well as bringing home high profits in a relatively short timescale for investors.

Bamboo’s popularity has derived from the multitude of benefits it offers from quick growth, durability, strength, and 3,500 plus commercial uses to environmental benefits such as reducing deforestation and sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as well as alleviating the plight of poverty in developing countries such as Nicaragua.

Marcus Vassiliou continues,

“For investors looking for an ethical investment, why not turn your attention to the world’s first 8 year bamboo package in Nicaragua. The great thing about an alternative investment like this is that the plantation which pays the returns on the 8 year investment has created hundreds of jobs in Nicaragua, offering many local people their first ever chance of paid employment while bamboo presents a sustainable source of ethically produced timber, reducing the pressure on unsustainable natural forests.”

Leased land plots already planted with thriving bamboo are available from £22,084 for a half hectare with investors able to enjoy conservative annualized forecast returns of over 18%. To find out how to profit from the timber of the 21st century in Central America’s leading economy please contact Eco Investments today on +44  20 3012 0306 or visit