A hot tub on a superyacht? Yes, it’s possible and time to get on board!

A hot tub on a superyacht? Yes, it’s possible and time to get on board!

  • Buyers can pick up Lord Sugar’s superyacht, complete with Jacuzzi, for £12.6m
  • “Imagination and budget are the only constraints when it comes to on-board spas” (Aqua Platinum)
  • Pools, hot tubs, swim-up bars, hammams, saunas & balcony showers can all feature on board


The glamour and excitement of the Southampton Boat Show is almost upon us. From 15-24 September, some of the world’s finest sea-faring vessels will moor in Southampton for a celebration of all things maritime.


The show inspires many attendees to pursue their boating dreams, from the smallest rib up to the most luxurious superyacht. Those looking for something exclusive might be interested to know that they can pick up Lord Sugar’s superyacht, complete with Jacuzzi and accommodation for 12 guests, for a cool £12.6 million.


Indeed, it seems that simply owning a superyacht is no longer quite enough – if it doesn’t have an on-board spa, it’s old news, according to luxury swimming pool design and build company Aqua Platinum.


“Celebrities and the super-rich are becoming more exacting when it comes to their boating requirements. Pools, hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, hammams, outdoor balcony showers and water features can all be built into superyacht structures, if they are implemented at the design stage. Those who own luxury yachts are usually after other elements of the luxury lifestyle – and that includes spa facilities. Why limit those to use on dry land?”


Dominic Searle, Aqua Platinum


Being in the water while on the water is an increasingly sought after experience. According to the Aqua Platinum team, almost anything can be made possible if you apply a little imagination and a sizeable budget.


Hot tubs and pools tend to be a maximum of 8-10 metres long on most yachts, due to size restrictions. Counter current units are used to make up for the smaller pool size, providing an outstanding fitness experience.


When it comes to hot tubs, much consideration is given to fill and heat-up times during the design phase. Most will need to be emptied prior to sailing to prevent spillage, then rapidly filled and brought up to temperature when the yacht docks. Room also needs to be allowed for plant space, while filtration systems and lighting also require consideration.


“Designing pools and hot tubs for luxury yachts certainly presents unique challenges, but that’s part of what makes the process so interesting. There are various technical elements that have to be incorporated, as well as ensuring the facilities are superbly designed and look outstanding. There are some lovely synergies between luxury spa facilities on land and those that can be created on the water.”


Dominic Searle, Aqua Platinum



For those with big budgets, almost anything is possible. The refitted Nomad luxury motor yacht boasts a Jacuzzi spa pool with swim-up bar. The Elixir features a spa pool with panoramic vistas. Legend features a Balinese spa. The superyacht Solandge is home to a chromotherapy spa, complete with sauna, hammam, massage room and beauty salon – plus a generously appointed pool, of course.


“If you’ve got the vision and the budget, the sky’s the limit. Superyacht and luxury spa designers can together achieve great things, so why not test their abilities and see just how exciting your on-board wellness facilities can be?”


Dominic Searle, Aqua Platinum


For more information, call 0203 362 0442 or visit www.aquaplatinumprojects.co.uk.

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