AB Property Marketing appointed by innovative new private landlords’ support system, Ready Rentals

AB Property Marketing appointed by innovative new private landlords’ support system, Ready Rentals

It is no surprise that the number of private landlords in the UK is on the increase. A second income for many, a useful revenue stream for those in retirement or simply the result of property ownership brought about by inheritance, scores more people are becoming landlords within the private rental market and feeling the benefits.

Yet this is also a sector that is strewn with minefields. The uninitiated very quickly come up against a myriad of legal stipulations that they have to abide by, seemingly ever-changing legislation that governs every aspect of how they conduct themselves and how they maintain both the property itself and the relationship with their tenant successfully, not to mention the worries of how best to market their property and make the very most of their bricks and mortar.

Coming from a background of 10 years as a well-respected letting agent at the helm of Castle Estates (Glasgow) Ltd, and with more than 35 years in the project and property management sector nationally, Neil Woodhead is launching Ready Rentals, an innovative new service which aims to provide much-needed assistance for currently unsupported private landlords.

Ready Rentals is a resource that provides self-managing landlords with the support to be able to deliver a professional and legally compliant service. The online system is accessible from anywhere in the world and currently supports landlords with properties in England, Wales or Scotland. The service is regulated by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), as well as being a Member of the Ombudsman Services Property which allows landlords to manage their portfolio with confidence.

Neil Woodhead, Founder of Ready Rentals explains what prompted him to establish the new service,

“Over the years I have been approached countless times by people who had become private landlords, either through choice or circumstance, and found themselves in deep waters, overwhelmed by legislative constraints liable to change and floundering to stay on the right side of the law.

“I wanted to provide a service that would support these hardworking people meaning they no longer needed to do it alone. The result is Ready Rentals, an easy-to-access service that provides all the tools needed to be a successful private landlord for an affordable price. Making use of my years of experience as a letting agent, I have prepared a service which allows people to tick every box, from a legal and marketing perspective, to make their job as a private landlord as easy, pain-free and rewarding as possible.”

Ready Rentals will:

  • Offer access to all of the documents needed to become a private landlord
  • Be automated to suit individual needs
  • Offer continually updated advice on statutory regulations and letting a property
  • Offer online marketing to major portals
  • Provide information on marketing and advertising, and everything else needed to function as a successful landlord – all at the click of a button!

Today, announcing their upcoming launch on 20th October, Ready Rentals have appointed leading property PR agency, AB Property Marketing, to share the news of their exciting new service.

Charlotte Ashton, MD of AB Property Marketing, comments,

“At ABPM we’re really excited to be helping launch Ready Rentals to the UK market. Being a private, stand-alone landlord can be tough, with so much legislation and paperwork to navigate, yet with Ready Rentals this no longer need be the case.

“With Neil’s industry background and the backing of RICS, as well as what can only be described as a fantastically intuitive system, Ready Rentals certainly fills a gap in the market and will prove invaluable to those managing a rental property themselves.”

As an expert in the UK rental market, the difficulties facing landlords and the changing legislation, Neil Woodhead and Ready Rentals are available to provide industry comment.

To find out more about Ready Rentals and the service they offer, visit www.readyrentals.co.uk