Are You a Property Virgin?

A brand new reality television series is coming to Real Estate TV.  Looking at the trials and tribulations of first time buyers, the reality television series which is having its British premiere on simulcast company Real Estate TV’s cable and satellite channels, is aptly named ‘Property Virgins.’  

Hosted by Canadian real estate agent and property guru Sandra Rinomato, ‘Property Virgins’ witnesses the presenter guiding a new group of first time buyers through the realities of purchasing their very first home each episode, and in so doing she instructs her audience in understanding and working the market.
There has been so much media interest in the changing fate of the first time buyer in the UK in recent weeks, where house prices are falling but mortgages are becoming harder to get.  As the Canadian real estate market closely mirrors the British market and there are striking similarities between the fate which is faced by property virgins in each country, the timing of the Canadian show’s premiere on British television could not be more appropriate. 
Speaking about the timing of bringing the series to a British audience, Mark Dodd, Managing Director of Real Estate TV stated: “It’s a perfect addition to our programming because our audience is very interested in aspirational programming and we understand that many who watch Real Estate TV also want to find a way in to the British housing market.” 
The show has been an unmitigated success in Canada and we are expecting very high viewing figures because it’s a great show to watch.  “The presenter is not only highly skilled, she is very witty and sharp and you can expect to meet some real characters on ‘Property Virgins’ as well as viewing some interesting real estate!  In other words, expect to be entertained and informed!”
For British buyers, Ms. Rinomato is a refreshing change to the estate agents many of us are used to dealing with who are really only interested in getting a good deal for the vendor.  Sandra Rinomato is a crusader for the property virgin, and if you want to benefit from her wisdom and be entertained by her no nonsense style of telling it how it is, tune in from 2nd June.
Catch the antics of the property virgins each night at 9.30pm on Real Estate TV, Sky channels 273 and 274 and on demand on Virgin TV and at