New home, new style!

New home, new style!

  • New home registrations hit highest level for 10 years (NHBC)
  • A new build home is like a blank canvas” (Alexander James Interior Design)
  • Celebrate #NewHomesWeek by learning how to style your new home to perfection (Alexander James Interior Design)


Newly published NHBC figures show that the number of new homes registered in the first three months of 2017 have shot up by 17% when compared with the Q1 2016 figures.

In total, more than 42,000 new homes were registered between January and March 2017, making it the best quarter for new home building in a decade.

The figures have been released in advance of #NewHomesWeek, which runs from 15th -21st May to celebrate the benefits of buying a newly built residence. There are myriad advantages to doing so and the interior design potential is one of the most exciting.


A new build home is like a blank canvas – there’s so much scope when it comes to letting your style ideas have free reign. While that’s an incredibly exciting opportunity, it can also be a little overwhelming. It’s important to think through colour schemes for the house as a whole, rather than just individual rooms otherwise you can end up feeling a little like you’re living inside a rainbow, which is hardly relaxing!


Stacey Sibley, Creative Director, Alexander James Interior Design

The professional interior design team at Alexander James strongly recommends starting with a mood board, with sections for each room. That way, the home’s overall style can be considered at the same time as that of individual rooms.

Mood boards are a great way to bring shape to your vision. Bring together everything that has caught your eye, including wallpaper samples, images of pieces of furniture, fabric swatches, artwork examples, striking cosmetic bottles and more. You can then compare and contrast all of these items, considering what works best and shaping your vision for your new build home accordingly.

When it comes to colours, choosing a palette of neutral shades and complementary hues, along with a few bolder accent colours, is a great start. These can be applied throughout the home and will help to create a sense of harmony, with one room flowing beautifully into the next.


“Suiting a room’s style to its use is also key. Bedrooms should create a sense of serenity and calm, while family rooms should have a welcoming, relaxed feel. The way you dress your home will impact on how you feel while within the property, so create spaces that make you and your family feel safe, happy and comfortable.”


Stacey Sibley, Creative Director, Alexander James Interior Design

Bringing nature indoors is a great way to do just that. The natural world can do wonders for our inner sense of peace, so large leaf prints, vases spilling over with flowers and the presence of natural elements in everything from lamps to tables is a great way to bring serenity into the home. It’s also perfectly attuned to this summer’s hottest interior design trends.

Incorporating natural elements is also a great way to dress your home for the nose, as well as the eyes. The scent of freshly cut flowers can bring a room to life. Scented candles and reed diffusers are also a wonderful way to create rooms that feel harmonious and welcoming. This was demonstrated wonderfully at Lockeswood in Eversley, a new build property dressed beautifully by Alexander James Interior Design.

The final tip from the Alexander James team is to involve younger family members in the process of interior design when it comes to new build homes.


“Young people have delightfully creative minds and building a mood board for their new bedroom can be a great way to boost their excitement about their new home. That doesn’t mean covering an entire room with Thomas the Tank Engine wallpaper, however! Bear in mind that children’s tastes change as they grow, so opt for a base colour scheme and then overlay it with items that suit the particular child’s preferences. It’s much easier to change curtains, artwork and accessories rather than having to re wallpaper or paint. Engaging the child in the process can also have an added benefit – if they feel a true sense of ownership for their room, they might just keep it tidy!”


Stacey Sibley, Creative Director, Alexander James Interior Design



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