You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but what effect does the ‘Ugliest House on the Block’ have on your property’s sales appeal?

In the current economic climate, selling a house isn’t proving easy.  As mortgages are more difficult to come by and buyers are biding their time before putting in an offer, every savvy vendor knows that everything from curb appeal to de-cluttering their home has to be done if they are to achieve a quick sale or a sale at all.  Therefore, imagine how unfortunate some vendors are when they find they are trying to sell their pristine home at the same time as someone else in the neighbourhood is living in the ugliest and shabbiest house on the street.

In a brand new series entitled ‘Ugliest House on the Block,’ which is airing on Real Estate TV at 8.30pm from Monday 14th of July, that is just the scenario that the show’s participants find themselves in.  The participants are groups of neighbours from across America who have made every effort to turn their homes into castles and who are suffering as a result of living on the same street or block as the ugliest property around.  In ‘Ugliest House on the Block’ they get the chance to fight back and preserve their properties’ values.
‘Ugliest House on the Block’ encourages groups of neighbours affected by slovenly and lazy homeowners or less well off and overwhelmed house occupiers to band together and nominate the house that most lets down their entire street.  The neighbours who are deemed to live next to the ugliest house on the block win a makeover for the offending property to push not only the value of the ugly home right up, but to secure the values of all the other houses on the street, and to improve the entire neighbourhood.
It’s perfect timing for Real Estate TV to begin airing this reality TV show as right now homeowners across the UK are well aware that they must do all they can to ensure that their home stands out and maintains its value.  It’s highly likely that many such Brits will relate all too well with the suffering neighbours in ‘Ugliest House on the Block’ whose best efforts are almost laid to waste by the lack of effort of just one homeowner on the street.
Tune in to Real Estate TV from Monday the 14th of July at 8.30pm on Sky Channels 273 & 274, on Virgin TV and on demand at www.realestatetv,.tv to make your own mind up about the ugly homes, the disgruntled neighbours, the ugly duckling to beautiful swan transformations, and ultimately the offending house occupiers who ‘allowed’ their homes to get in such a state in the first place.