The world wants Le Marche! Property enquiries for Italian province surge by 92%

The world wants Le Marche! Property enquiries for Italian province surge by 92%

  • 7% of enquiries from UK and US locations (Gate-Away)
  • 7% of buyers looking to spend less than €100k (Gate-Away)
  • 3 bed, 3 bath Le Marche townhouse with 50 ft roof terrace for £75k (Appassionata)

New data from the Italian property portal has revealed a 92% surge in enquiries for property in the central Le Marche region, the unspoiled Italian location that is a hit with visitors from around the world. The H1 2015 enquiry figure was 92% higher than that of H1 2014 and meant that Le Marche accounted for 6% of overall requests.

“Le Marche has it all,” comments local resident Dawn Cavanagh-Hobbs, founder of luxury holiday home company Appassionata. “The beaches are just beautiful, the local food and wine are excellent and we have miles upon miles of rolling countryside. It’s a peaceful place. Somewhere that you can lose yourself for hours gazing at the scenery or the shifting light as dusk falls across the hills while you dine on an outdoor roof terrace.”

Dawn is one of a growing number of Brits to have lost her heart to Le Marche. She moved there with her family in 2007 and is now helping others to follow their own Italian dream through her luxury fractional ownership business. Owners buy a one tenth share in a property, which they can use exclusively for five weeks per year. For many owners, it is not just a purchase for themselves, but a legacy for their children.

US buyers are also increasingly enchanted by Le Marche. According to the Gate-Away figures, 18.2% of enquiries into Le Marche homes in H1 2015 came from the UK and 14.5% from the US. Homes between €100,000 and €250,000 accounted for the lion’s share of enquiries, at 30.4%, but homes under €100,000 came a close second, with 29.7%.

The figure adds weight to the fractional ownership model that the Appassionata team is operating. Owners get to enjoy a luxurious holiday home that is far larger than they could afford to buy outright, at an affordable cost. They do so without having to worry about upkeep, maintenance or cleaning – every time they arrive to use their Le Marche home, they simply have to unpack their cases and begin enjoying their holiday.

The three bedroom, three bathroom Casa Tre Archi is the third of Appassionata’s fractional holiday homes and is already proving popular. The townhouse follows on from the success of the two countryside properties that were Appassionata’s original Le Marche project.

Casa Tre Archi is beautifully located for those looking to enjoy authentic Italian small town life, while also affording fantastic views from its multiple outdoor spaces, which include a 50 foot roof terrace. It is just the kind of location that Walter Di Martino, Head of Communications at, has flagged up as being sought-after by buyers from overseas. He comments,

“Non-Italians are particularly enamoured with the countryside of Le Marche region. As a matter of fact its hinterland, only 10-15km from the coastline, is the most sought-after to the point that we received more requests for this area than for properties in sea resorts. Generally speaking, small towns rising along the coast are more alluring than the bigger tourist city centres of the Riviera. The most picturesque hamlets, which dot the region, are among the most coveted overall.”

It is in just such an area as this that Appassionata’s next luxury holiday home will be awaited. Dawn is keeping details firmly under wraps at the moment, though she did reveal that it will be many months before the tumbledown building has been sufficiently nurtured for its details to be shared with the wider world. For those who cannot wait, inspection trips to Casa Tre Archi can be arranged directly with Appassionata, so buyers who want to be part of Le Marche’s rise to international fame can get in ahead of the crowds.

For more information visit or contact the Appassionata team on +39 33154 13225.

The Italian Job – from multi-generational employment to holidays for the whole family

The Italian Job – from multi-generational employment to holidays for the whole family

  • 98% of multi-generational travellers highly satisfied with their trip (AARP)
  • Italy perfect for whole-family holidays (Appassionata)
  • 83% of travellers highlight bringing family together as top benefit of multi-generational holidays (AARP)

Italy is a country synonymous with proud family heritage. Family values and the coming together of generations – particularly over meal times – are seemingly decaying in many countries, but in Italy these traditions are still strong. The country has found a way to embrace the contemporary world without losing its family bonds, to the benefit of future generations.

“Family is so important here,” observes Dawn Cavanagh-Hobbs, founder of luxury holiday home company Appassionata. “We work with local artisans to source unique products – everything from lamp shades to wrought iron gates – and so many of them are third or fourth generation craftsmen, carrying forward the skills that they learnt at their father or grandfather’s knee.”

Dawn herself runs her business with several of her own family members. Husband Michael, daughter India and son-in-law Charlie all work together to present Appassionata’s luxury fractional ownership holiday homes to a global audience of owners, all of whom share a passion for Italy and the country’s way of life. Even little grandson Lucas likes to pitch in at busy times, like the olive and grape harvests.

With such a strong family focus, Italy makes an ideal location for multi-generational family trips, something that the latest research from AARP Travel has found are satisfying to 98% of travellers. The Le Marche region, where the Appassionata team is based, appeals to the whole family, with plentiful Blue Flag beaches, the Sibillini National Park, friendly towns and fantastic dining options.

The AARP Travel research has found that the top benefits of multi-generational holidays are precisely those that Italy has to offer. 83% of respondents felt that bringing the entire family together was the greatest benefit, 69% felt that it was helping build special memories and 50% felt that it was grandparents being able to spend time with their grandchildren.

Chris Everard, who owns a share in Appassionata’s three bedroom, three bathroom townhouse, Casa Tre Archi (fractions are available from £75,000 for five weeks’ exclusive use per year), took his daughter, son-in-law and brand new granddaughter to stay there recently. He feels that Le Marche makes an ideal holiday spot for multi-generational vacations. Not only are Casa Tre Archi and the local town of Petritoli ideal for a relaxed holiday, but the nearby facilities are fantastic. Chris comments,

“Within an easy 20 minute drive you arrive on the Adriatic coast and have the opportunity to enjoy a true Italian beach experience. Impossible to work out Italian family combinations arrive, make camp, squabble, play Boule, disappear for a three-hour lunch and return to sleep the afternoon away whilst various grandparents take it in turns to look after the bambini’s.”

Appassionata’s India Hobbs-Mauger adds,

“Le Marche is the perfect destination for whole-family trips as it is so welcoming to children. There are loads of activities here to keep everyone entertained and towns like Petritoli are just charming, whatever your age. It’s a wonderful family destination.”

For more information visit or contact the Appassionata team on +39 33154 13225.

Med Madness! Perfect properties in Europe’s top tourism hotspot

Med Madness! Perfect properties in Europe’s top tourism hotspot

Albania Cyprus Italy Spain , , , ,
  • 1 in 3 tourists goes to the Med (UNWTO)
  • 90% of UK consumers travel to Europe more than they did 10 years ago (European Consumer Network)
  • Med tourists set to hit 500 million by 2030 (UNWTO)

The soft sands and warm waters of the Mediterranean are known around the world, accounting for one of every three international tourist arrivals globally, according to the UN World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO).

UNTWO’s research projects that the area will attract more than 500 million visitors annually by 2030, while the European Consumer Network has found that 90% of UK consumers are travelling to Europe more than they did 10 years ago. It makes a holiday home on the Med an attractive investment prospect for those looking to own a second home that can be used for holidays but that also has the potential to generate an income.

The classic Mediterranean destinations are all worthy of consideration when it comes to second home ownership. Italy offers abundant choice, while Spain and Cyprus have large expat communities that make retiring there an easy option for the future. Albania is the rising star of the Med locations, with some excellent properties currently attracting attention.

In Spain, the property market in coastal areas is picking up at a promising pace, as buyers look to take advantage of the bottomed out market before prices rise. Prices on the Mediterranean coast have already risen by 1.5% this year, according to valuation firm Tinsa. Upmarket areas such as Marbella and the surrounding towns are benefitting from the uptick, with new build developments such as Jade Beach, from leading Spanish homebuilder Taylor Wimpey España attracting those looking to own a prestigious property within just 100 meters of the seafront promenade leading to Puerto Banus. Prices start at €450,000.

“Previously owned properties are also selling well along Spain’s lengthy Mediterranean coastline,” confirms Martin Dell, Director of property portal, which offers property sales, holiday rentals and long-term rentals across Spain. “Menorca has some fantastic properties for sale right now, like this four bed, four bath villa with pool for €895,000. It’s the ideal second home for someone looking to own a fabulous holiday property that also has great rental potential.”

Taylor Wimpey España is also keyed in to the potential of the Balearic Islands when it comes to holiday home ownership. Sales and Marketing Director Marc Pritchard comments,

“Mallorca is a great play to buy and has everything from key ready apartments at developments like Cala Magrana III to new build seafront houses like those at Cala Magrana Mar. Mallorca has so much to offer in terms of both land and sea-based activities – it is one of the Med’s most enchanting destinations.”

Over in Italy, the Le Marche region’s coastline has been attracting considerable attention. Le Marche is now the area with the third highest number of Blue Flag beaches in Italy and is becoming increasingly known to international visitors for its clean, safe waters and powder-soft sands. Casa Tre Archi, the latest luxury fractional ownership holiday home from family-run company Appassionata, provides the perfect base for exploring the wonders of the Italian coastline. Fractions are available from £75,000.

Across the Adriatic Sea (an arm of the Mediterranean) from Italy is Albania, which is rapidly becoming one of the Eastern Med’s most exciting holiday home destinations. The five star luxury Lalzit Bay Resort and Spa offers everything from apartments with generous balconies to frontline villas with their own pools, with property reservation available for just €500. As well as the resort’s host of features (landscaped gardens, kids’ club, gymnasium, indoor swimming pool, medical centre, shops, library, restaurants and bars), owners can enjoy 300m of prime beach frontage, exclusively for use by Lalzit Bay Resort and Spa residents.

Cyprus is another popular Mediterranean destination for second home ownership, with a wide range of properties to tempt buyers looking for a blend of tasteful style and prime location, whatever their budget. At the higher end of the market, €868,000 is sufficient to purchase a two bedroom, two bathroom semi-detached villa with pool and stunning sea views at the prestigious Aphrodite Hills resort in Pafos. Chris White of Ideal Homes International comments,

“Cyprus is an incredibly popular location on the Med for second home owners. The climate is excellent and the beaches simply fantastic. With several international influences, the island has developed a unique and enticing cuisine and cities such as Pafos have a rich architectural heritage, along with ‘living history’ archaeological sites like the Tombs of the Kings. From quick holidays to longer-term stays, it is a perfect location for those looking to buy property overseas.”

For more information please contact:

Taylor Wimpey España: +44 08000 121 020 or Those residing outside of the UK should call 0034 971 70 69 72.


Appassionata: +39 33154 13225 or

Lalzit Bay Resort & Spa: +44 845 125 8600 or

Ideal Homes International: +44 1543 326315 or

US buyers eye up Italian property as the dollar remains strong

US buyers eye up Italian property as the dollar remains strong

  • US buyer numbers up in Le Marche (Magic Marche)
  • Italy comes third on Americans’ European summer vacation list (InsureMyTrip)
  • 67% of buyers so far at Casa Tre Archi in Le Marche are from the US (Appassionata)

US second home buyers are scoping out Europe this summer, with the UK, France and Italy enjoying the lion’s share of their interest. According to InsureMyTrip, the three European countries will be the most popular destinations for travel beyond the US’s borders between June and August 2015.

But it’s not just a vacation for all– an increasing number are looking to pick up a second home while on their travels, at least that’s the case in Italy, according to Jane Smith of local property agency Magic Marche. Jane explains,

“Our enquiry rate for the first half of 2015 is over 20% higher than for the same period in 2014. With a strong US dollar against the Euro, buyers from the USA have increased in numbers. Restored country houses remain the most popular choice but we’ve also seen a growing trend in townhouses, where buyers can enjoy the benefits of having shops, restaurants, cafés and local markets right on their doorstep.”

Dawn Cavanagh-Hobbs, founder of family-run holiday home company Appassionata, is certainly familiar with the increase in US buyers. Her latest luxury fractional ownership home, Casa Tre Archi, has so far attracted keen interest Stateside, with 67% of owners coming from America. Of the six Discovery Trips booked for the coming three months, where interested parties can visit Le Marche and stay in the property, five are families from the US. Dawn comments,

“Italy is a tourist destination enjoyed by visitors from all over the world and many of those hail from the US. Our two countries have ties that span centuries and modern-day Italy still holds many attractions for American visitors. We’ve found that many of those who come here are utterly charmed by Italy’s attributes, from its stunning architecture to its beautiful beaches, as well as the local cuisine and the open, welcoming nature of regions like Le Marche.”

American Deb Gale, who owns a fraction in one of Appassionata’s other properties, Casa Leopardi, describes the area as, “an astonishing combination of land, sea, sun and history, colliding with culture and casual sophistication. You cannot help but love the food, the wine, the restaurants and the markets.”

In line with current market trends, the Appassionata team opted for a townhouse for their third luxury property, having previously restored two fabulous country homes. Dawn explains the decision,

“We chose to go down the urban fractional route in order to offer owners a luxury property that had all the amenities they could wish for within walking distance. Many families prefer to stroll into town to find a restaurant for dinner and enjoy a glass of local wine, without having to decide who will be the designated driver on the way home. Or to let the children head to the local bakery for early morning pastries, while the adults keep a watchful eye on them from the roof terrace. Casa Tre Archi enables all of this and more – it’s the ideal holiday property in the ideal location. We knew it as soon as we first viewed it.”

Fractions in Casa Tre Archi are available from £75,000 for five weeks’ exclusive use per year.

For more information visit or contact the Appassionata team on +39 33154 13225.

How to buy an overseas property in 14 days

How to buy an overseas property in 14 days

  • Inspection trip to paperwork completion in just 14 days (Appassionata)
  • 503,000 passengers pass through Ancona airport annually (Europe Airports)
  • Le Marche perfect for “so many different types of discovery” (Colleen Rouse)

A couple from Kent are challenging the perception that buying a property overseas is a huge undertaking that requires significant time, having just used their pension savings to purchase their Italian dream home in a timescale of only two weeks.

Colleen and Duncan Rouse had been waiting patiently for Duncan’s retirement before buying a property abroad, in order to make sure they had the time to use it properly. When his retirement finally happened, the couple decided they were done with waiting and prepared to put their pension to good use. They set off for their beloved Italy on an inspection trip to see luxury fractional ownership property Casa Tre Archi, in Le Marche.

Colleen recalls,

“The buying process was so straightforward and easy and was accomplished in just 14 days from our first overnight visit to Casa Tre Archi to completion and ownership. We have always loved the Italian people and the way of life. We love the landscape of Le Marche and its position, which offers beautiful countryside, hilltop towns and villages between the sea and the mountains, providing opportunities for so many different types of discovery. Also the convenience of having a number of airports within reasonable driving distance, offering a whole range of flights from and to the UK.”

Dawn Cavanagh-Hobbs, founder of family-run, Le Marche-based Appassionata, the company behind Casa Tre Archi, comments,

“One of the great joys of renovating properties in this area of Italy is that we can furnish and decorate the houses by working with local artisans who are the third, fourth or even fifth generation to run their business. It means that each of our holiday homes is filled with unique touches, from hand-painted wall tiles to individually crafted lamps, the techniques for which have been passed down through the family for generations.

“But that doesn’t mean that we have to run the paperwork side of the business in the same way. There’s a time and place for embracing modern efficiency! We want our owners to have a hassle-free buying experience so that they can begin to look forward to using the property as quickly as possible.”

This blending of modern convenience with ancient traditions is a core part of Appassionata’s recipe for success. After a quick and efficient journey to Italy thanks to the multiple routes into nearby Ancona airport (which Europe Airports reports is used by more than half a million passengers each year), owners love to indulge in long, relaxed dinners on the roof terrace of Casa Tre Archi, using ingredients like truffles and game that the rolling Le Marche farmland has supplied since time immemorial. Or perhaps stroll along the cobbled streets of the medieval town of Petritoli. As Colleen observes,

“We like the idea of living in a town where we can go out for a meal in one of the local restaurants and know that we can walk home. We live in a village in Kent where we have the pleasure to interact with people from all walks of life and we hope to be able to meet real people in Petritoli too.”

For those eager to share in the Italian dream, fractions in Casa Tre Archi are available from £70,000 for five weeks’ exclusive use per year.

For more information visit or contact the Appassionata team on +39 33154 13225.

Italy feeds the world as the Universal Expo in Milan gets underway

Italy feeds the world as the Universal Expo in Milan gets underway

  • Italian food exports hit record €34.3 billion (Coldiretti)
  • Le Marche flagged as latest Italian foodie holiday hotspot (Appassionata)
  • US taste for Italian wine exceeds €1.1 billion (Coldiretti)

The Universal Exposition is one of the most important global events for bringing countries together to share knowledge, innovation and traditions. It is due to the Universal Expo that Paris has the Eiffel Tower, that Brussels has the Atomium and that Seattle has the Space Needle.

The present day Universal Expo still maintains its focus on technological advancement, but with a more humanitarian bent. Expo Milano 2015, which is being hosted by Milan, Italy, from 1 May to 31 October, is focused on the use of technology and innovation to provide safe, healthy, sufficient food for the world’s entire population. Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life expects to welcome more than 20 million visitors from over 140 countries over the six months that it is running. Visitors will be able to engage in a variety of activities, from tastings of the world’s best dishes to explorations of gastronomic traditions to discussion of the best agri-foods for feeding the planet.

Italy is the natural choice for hosting such an important food-focused event. Its food exports circumnavigate the globe and its sparkling prosecco now outsells France’s champagne in volume terms. In 2014, Italy’s food exports hit record levels, with a value of €34.3 billion, according to Coldiretti’s analysis of data from national statistics agency ISTAT. The figure represents an increase of 2.4% over the previous year, with the Russian ban on numerous food imports more than counteracted by the American thirst for Italian wine, which totalled more than €1.1 billion worth during the year.

While two thirds of Italian food exports are destined for other European countries according to the Coldiretti analysis, demand is also high from the US market and the growing market in Asia. Wine, pasta and olive oil are the most prized Italian products, backed by a significant appetite for Italian cheese, fruit and vegetables.

Of course Italian food also draws huge numbers of tourists to Italy every year in search of the taste of authenticity. The latest foodie destination hotspot is Le Marche, where an abundance of truffles,

game and seafood have been delighting the local population’s palates for centuries. Dawn Cavanagh-Hobbs founder of Le Marche-based luxury fractional ownership business Appassionata, comments,

“People think of Italy’s food and picture the ultimate feast of pizza, pasta and ice cream. While Italy does offer all of these, there is such huge diversity across the country in terms of other dishes that you really have to immerse yourself in it in order to discover everything. Even after living here for years, I am still discovering incredible new recipes that use traditional techniques to make simple, fresh ingredients just come alive with flavour.”

Those looking to get up close and personal with Italian cuisine can base themselves at Appassionata’s Casa Tre Archi holiday home in the medieval hilltop town of Petritoli. The three storey townhouse provides its owners with five weeks’ exclusive usage per year, at a cost of £70,000 per fraction. With a roof terrace that is perfect for outdoor dining, the scents of local cafés and restaurants filling the air and views of crops waving gently in the breeze for miles and miles, it is hard to imagine a better base from which to explore the tastes of Italy.

For more information visit or contact the Appassionata team on +39 33154 13225.

Italian market one to watch in 2015 as UK and American property buyers return

Italian market one to watch in 2015 as UK and American property buyers return

  • Italy receives three times as many enquiries from potential property buyers in Jan 2015 vs Jan 2014 (Savills)
  • Favourable exchange rate with £1 = €1.40 tempts UK and American buyers back to Italy
  • Tuscany is most researched region in Italy (Rightmove Overseas, April 2015)

Since the global financial crisis back in 2007, Italy has fought hard to return as a competitor within the European real estate industry but with recent reports suggesting that the worst is now over, it’s now re-emerging as a hot property market.

Global real estate consultants Cushman & Wakefield’s provisional figures for 2014 reveal a 20%+ growth in commercial real estate investment in Italy in comparison with the previous year and it is predicted that this trend will continue in 2015.

Savills too confirms this latest movement in the Italian housing market, having received three times as many enquiries from potential buyers this January vs January 2014. Savills’ Associate Director of the international department suggests that a catalyst for this latest spark of interest in Italian property is an increase in UK and American buyers. Having diminished in recent years these buyers are now returning, with a weakening Euro creating an array of attractive property prices.

With the current exchange rate favouring the US dollar and the British pound, foreign buyers can expect to get more for their money and thus consider a wider range of properties. The PwC and Urban Land Institute’s ‘Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe 2015’ report emphasises that Italy can offer some of the best property opportunities in Europe, with numerous options available in Puglia, Lake Como and Tuscany. These areas are traditionally popular with overseas investors and continue to appeal to potential buyers, especially those based in the United States.

Foreign buyers often have an affiliation with the region in which they purchase, be it a previous visit, family connection or a longstanding love affair with la dolce vita. Simone Rossi, Marketing Manager of Tuscany’s Terre Gialle Residence & Resort, a 20-acre estate offering a range of property options, comments further on the ideology of many buyers and the current status of the Euro in the global economy,

“When foreign buyers look to Italy for a second home or investment opportunity, the majority will have a dreamlike image of Italian life and how they can immerse themselves in the traditions and culture. We have definitely noticed an influx of inquiries from UK and American buyers looking to fulfil this dream with buyers specifically interested in Tuscany.

“With the latest expert exchange rates forecasts suggesting that the Euro is set to remain the weaker global currency for the immediate future, today’s overseas buyers are presented with the chance to purchase beautiful Italian property at a reduced price.”

According to Rightmove Overseas’ statistical data for April 2015, Italy is within the top 5 most searched for countries in relation to purchasing properties abroad. The report also highlights that Tuscany’s real estate market is currently the most researched region in Italy, confirming its status as an indisputable favourite location amongst foreign buyers.

Set in the celebrated rolling hills of the Tuscan countryside is the beautiful Terre Gialle Residence & Resort, an estate that is becoming a firm favourite with both UK and US buyers. The Residence at the heart of this distinctive estate has origins dating back to the 18th century, ensuring that the apartments housed therein are unique and full of traditional charm whilst having been restored to high modern standards.

Featuring wood-beamed or vaulted terracotta ceilings, stone walls and handmade furniture, the studio, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments available on a whole ownership basis, reflect the original character of the building, with prices ranging from €93,500 to €176,000. Alongside this, the Resort offers a range of modern 1 and 2 bedroom apartments and 3 bedroom villas available on a shared ownership basis, where 1/12th fractions, start from €28,000 (excluding maintenance costs), providing four weeks usage a year.

Terre Gialle Residence & Resort exudes a unique elegant atmosphere with high quality services, a swimming pool with whirlpool, a well-kept park with nature trails and sports facilities, a tennis court and bowling green. As well as an array of extensive onsite facilities, the ancient town of Castel del Piano is only a five minute drive away or a ten minute walk, offering cobbled streets, wondrous architecture, local cuisine and friendly residents.

For more information about Terre Gialle Residence & Resort, visit, email or call 0203 637 2215.

Award-winning Italian beaches increase in number with announcement of Blue Flag 2015 Awards

Award-winning Italian beaches increase in number with announcement of Blue Flag 2015 Awards

  • Number of Blue Flag beaches in Italy increases to 280 (FEE)
  • Le Marche region home to 17 of the cleanest Italian beaches (FEE)
  • Le Marche’s Petritoli 20 mins from three Blue Flag beaches and home to Appassionata’s Casa Tre Archi

The number of Italian beaches granted the prestigious international Blue Flag award has this year grown to 280. An increase of an impressive 11 beaches on 2014, when 269 met the strict requirements, those granted the accolade by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) are recognised as those locations with the very cleanest waters and the most pristine of sands.

Taking third place in this important listing, behind the more tourist-centric regions of Liguria (with 23) and Tuscany (with 18), is the somewhat more undiscovered region of Le Marche, a location that, although growing in popularity, manages to retain a true sense of authentic Italia. Having been granted Bandiera Blu, or Blue Flag, awards for 17 of their beaches for two years in a row, this is set to further increase the popularity of the beautiful region with visiting tourists and holiday home buyers alike.

Dawn Cavanagh-Hobbs, Founder of fractional ownership company Appassionata, whose latest project Casa Tre Archi is located in Le Marche’s beautiful hilltop town of Petritoli, comments,

“The stunning Le Marche region in which we have renovated a number of beautiful properties, including Casa Tre Archi, and that we are also lucky enough to call home, boasts 180km of Adriatic coastline, all of which is eye-catching and some of which is the proud recipient of the prestigious Blue Flag award. With it being said that the granting of such an accolade can increase regional tourism by some 35%, this can only spell good things for a region that has so very much to offer to visitors, locals and those looking to purchase a base for their holidays in the wonderful Italy.”

As Dawn references, from Petritoli’s hilltop position, three of Le Marche’s Blue Flag beaches are within easy reach, all less than a twenty minute drive away. Of Fermo’s four beaches referenced by the 2015 awards, both Porto San Giorgio and Pedaso are easily reached by car from Petritoli, joining the commune of Ascoli Piceno’s three, one of which, Grottammare, is close by too.

Many of the coasts’ golden sandy beaches are protected by small rocky breakwaters, making the sun-kissed Adriatic waters safe for all the family to swim in and for those looking for something a little more adventurous, there are various water sports on offer, from sailing to windsurfing, scuba diving to fishing.

With Petritoli being one such standout hilltop town, Appassionata’s Casa Tre Archi is built into the ancient walls of the town, with the traditional rough-hewn brickwork a unique and beautiful feature of the lounge which, like all of the townhouse, is impeccably attired with furniture and fittings individually-sourced locally to provide a luxurious but homely feel.

The 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom property enjoys outdoor space on three levels and even has a spectacular 50m² roof terrace with views across Petritoli, the rolling countryside, and sea views, making the very most of the region’s award-winning coastline. With beamed ceilings and traditional terracotta floors, Casa Tre Archi is ideally situated close to shops, restaurants and cafes too.

The property is offered as part of a fractional ownership scheme and shares of 1/10th of the property, offering five weeks’ exclusive use annually, are available from £70,000.

For more information, contact Appassionata on +39 33154 13225 or visit

Rise in Italian tourism sees Tuscany continue to shine

Rise in Italian tourism sees Tuscany continue to shine

  • Italy’s economic growth forecasted at 0.6% this year and 1.4% in 2016 (The European Commission)
  • In 2014, Italy generated €34.8bn in visitor exports, set to increase by a further 2.5% in 2015 (WTTC)
  • Italy ranks highly on The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index 2015, positioned 6th for Culture and Entertainment and 2nd for Natural Tourism (World Economic Forum)

The European Commission has recently forecasted Italy’s economic growth at 0.6% for this year, increasing further in 2016 to 1.4%. This positive progression has been prompted mostly by external demand and investment, with foreign tourism becoming a key element within Italy’s phoenix-like economic rise.

The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index 2015, constructed by the World Economic Forum (WEF), highlights the significance of Italy’s growing tourism industry, jumping to 8th position having only been ranked 26th in 2013. The report places Italy amongst the best in the world on digital demand for Culture and Entertainment, as well as Natural Tourism, ranking 6th and 2nd for each respectively. With a vast array of landscapes, from stunning golden coastlines and iconic sweeping countryside to the snow-kissed mountains of the Dolomite range, Italy abounds with natural splendour, with the undisputable heart of this beauty the region of Tuscany.

Tuscany is blessed with an abundance of both unparalleled culture and celebrated landscapes and continues to be a favourite destination amongst tourists from all over the world. The region is immediately recognisable to foreign visitors by its scenery of picturesque rolling hills and charming ancient towns, becoming emblematic for the global perception of Italy.

Yet, whilst the traditional Tuscan scenery is renowned worldwide, set in the deep south of the region is the wild landscape of Maremma, a landscape at complete juxtaposition with the straight rows upon rows of endless vines and steadfastly straight cypress trees commonly thought of as Tuscany. A more hidden, untamed area of Tuscany, the Maremma offers truly natural authenticity and allows visitors to embrace a lifestyle based on respect for the surrounding nature.

Terre Gialle Residence & Resort is situated on the slopes of Mount Amiata in Maremma, and Marketing Manager Simone Rossi explains how its nature-furnished location has sparked a wealth of interest,

“We have definitely noticed an increase of enquiries related to the natural charm of Tuscany when speaking to potential buyers, with specific interest in relation to the area and what Mount Amiata has to offer, something that just cannot be found elsewhere. Our estate overlooks some of Tuscany’s most pristine countryside, and with a majority of it still waiting to be discovered, the wild Maremma has the potential to provide visitors with the sought after familiarity of beautiful Tuscany, combined with a more exclusive and diverse natural setting.”

This vastly undiscovered area is dominated by the outline of Mount Amiata, Italy’s second highest volcano, and is home to a diverse group of flora and fauna throughout the seasons. With Italy’s natural tourism becoming progressively more prevalent, landscapes like the Maremma are being exposed with less well known regions starting to be explored.

According to The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), Italy generated €34.8bn in visitor exports in 2014, with this figure expected to grow by 2.5% this year. With 49,697,000 international tourists predicted to arrive in Italy this year, it would seem that this trend in foreign spending is only going to continue, with not only the most popular destinations attracting revenue but also more of the country’s unfamiliar locations, like the Tuscan Maremma.

The Residence at the heart of the beautiful Terre Gialle Residence & Resort estate has origins dating back to the 18th century, ensuring that the apartments housed therein are unique and full of traditional charm whilst having been restored to high modern standards.

Featuring wood-beamed or vaulted terracotta ceilings, stone walls and handmade furniture, the studio, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments available on a full ownership basis, reflect the original character of the building, with prices ranging from €93,500 to €176,000. Alongside this, the Resort offers a range of modern 1 and 2 bedroom apartments and 3 bedroom villas available on a shared ownership basis, where 1/12th fractions, start from €28,000 (excluding maintenance costs), providing four weeks usage a year.

Terre Gialle Residence & Resort exudes a unique elegant atmosphere with high quality services, a swimming pool with whirlpool, a well-kept park with nature trails and sports facilities, a tennis court and bowling green. As well as an array of extensive onsite facilities, the ancient town of Castel del Piano is only a five minute drive away or a ten minute walk, offering cobbled streets, wondrous architecture, local cuisine and friendly residents.

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UK pension reforms allow over 55’s to realise the Italian retirement dream

UK pension reforms allow over 55’s to realise the Italian retirement dream

  • Over 6 million UK adults plan to retire abroad, with 10% choosing Italy as their preferred destination (Hargreaves Lansdown)
  • 20% of 55-75 year old UK adults are considering taking cash out of their pensions under new regulations (ABTA)
  • Le Marche ranked in top places in the world to retire in 2014 (American Association of Retired Person)

With new legislation changes having recently become effective, UK citizens over the age of 55 are now be able to spend, save or invest their pension as they deem appropriate. These latest regulations offer people the freedom and flexibility to decide for themselves the best option for their retirement. In light of this, a recent survey, from the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), discovered that 20% of UK adults are already considering taking a cash lump sum out of their pensions, with over 35% of these people wishing to spend it on travel.

Today, the dream of retiring overseas is becoming increasingly popular with over 6 million UK adults now planning to move abroad when they reach national retirement age. Recent figures published by Hargreaves Lansdown show that 10% of those wishing to enjoy their retirement abroad would select Italy as their destination of choice, and with a rich blend of historical architecture, luscious landscapes, sun-kissed beaches and glistening mountain tops, the idyllic notion of retiring to Italy can now become a possibility.

In 2014, the American Association of Retired Person (AARP) surveyed their vast membership of over 39 million, and discovered that Italy’s Le Marche region had been voted one of the top five places in the world to retire. Dawn Cavanagh-Hobbs, Founder of Appassionata, a fractional ownership company in Le Marche understands this growing aspiration to retire here, having relocated from the UK herself some seven years ago,

“The rolling hills of vineyards, olive groves and sunflowers was certainly one of the deciding factors for our move to the countryside of Le Marche. With each passing season there is a new vista of colour and light. The Italian countryside truly is a special place, especially for people nearing retirement who are looking for a sense of community and belonging within a new environment. Here, beautiful surroundings combine with a traditional feel that means it really is like stepping back in time, where strangers say good morning and neighbours are always willing to help.”

However, even with the recent changes to pension legislation, many people in the UK reaching retirement age will not be able to fully purchase a property overseas, finding the dream still financially out of their reach. An alternative to the more traditional approach to whole property ownership is fractional ownership, allowing buyers to enjoy the best of retirement both home and away at a reduced cost. With fractional ownership you own a share of a property, which has professional and continuing local management, in exchange for exclusive occupancy for a number of weeks throughout the year.

As leaders in the Italian fractional ownership market, Dawn from Appassionata explains more about the advantages of this option for many retirees,

Fractional ownership is an appealing possibility to people who are now accessing their pension pots and looking to make an investment in a luxury overseas property. For many their lump sum is not large enough to buy a luxurious property outright so buying a 1/10th fraction makes perfect sense, providing all the benefits of full ownership without the full cost as all running expenses are divided equally among co-owners. We have definitely seen an increase in enquires since the new legislation became effective, with a number of owners keen to access their pension pots to buy a share in our beautiful Petritoli property.”

Appassionata’s most recent restoration project to offer fractional ownership is Casa Tre Archi, a townhouse set in the centre of the enchanting medieval Le Marche town of Petritoli. The unique property has three bedrooms and, unusually for an urban Italian property of this nature, enjoys outdoor space on three levels, plenty of space to accommodate all the family. This includes a small rear garden off the kitchen, a terrace off one of the bedrooms and a spectacular roof terrace with views of Petritoli and the surrounding countryside, perfect for soaking up the Italian sunshine. The house benefits from three bathrooms: one en suite off the master bedroom, one upstairs family bathroom and one small bathroom off the living area on the ground floor.

Tre Archi enjoys sea views, beamed ceilings with traditional, terracotta tiled floors and easy access to nearby parking. The townhouse provides the best of town living, perfect for retirees who want to meander from their home to a choice of shops, restaurants and cafes, combined with miles of sandy beaches just a short drive away. The security and maintenance of the property are administered by Appassionata’s management company and on arrival owners will find Casa Tre Archi beautifully prepared, with all essential groceries ready for convenience. Prices start from £70,000 and are for a 1/10th share, which will entitle the owners to five weeks’ exclusive use of the property per year.

For more information contact Appassionata on +39 33154 13225 or visit