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Whether it is the grisly life of Jack the Ripper or the notorious story of Sweeney Todd, about which the acclaimed movie of the same name was recently released, there is a deep, dark fascination with the sordid side of the famous east end of the capital, its past and also its rising.

The question is where did it all start?
Real Estate TV is airing the popular series ‘Living In’ and on the 8th and 28th July at 7pm you will have the opportunity to see ‘Living in Docklands’ a fascinating programme on how the area that we know today as Docklands first came about and why it has such a predominant role in how we see London today.
Tune in to Living In Docklands on Real Estate TV, Sky Channels 273 & 274, Virgin TV or on demand at www.realestatetv.tv. For more information call 0800 781 8802.