The Unsellables

At a time when the UK property market is proving tough for estate agents and sellers alike, when the perfect buyer is getting harder to find, even more so than a mortgage, what more can we do to achieve sale success? If ‘why won’t our house sell?’ is a question you are regularly asking yourself and you need some inspiration on how to get smart and active in the property market then the hit Canadian show ‘The Unsellables’, brought to the UK exclusively by leading property channel Real Estate TV, is essential viewing. It has captured the imagination of Sofie Allsopp who, from a family of property experts (sister Kirsty Allsopp), has turned her skills to helping homeowners sell their properties across the pond giving us in the UK the opportunity to learn from their chintz mistakes.

From dated décor and filthy interiors to cluttered closets and messy bedrooms, The Unsellables tackles the most unsightly and ‘unsellable’ listings on the property market and encourages desperate homeowners to prepare for a sale.
Battling with homeowners’ questionable personal taste and long-standing attachments to household clutter, Sofie and her co-host Anthony Sayers cajole eleven people across the thirteen episodes into giving up the mementos and vivid colourings in order to appeal to the right buyers. From crowded bungalows to dated, drab houses Sofie and Anthony guide, revamp and restore houses to their full glory of tidy turnkey properties, but will the owners take the property duos advice to achieve the sales they desperately need?
Frank and Amy in episode 1 have bought their dream home and need to shift their current property to avoid paying two crippling mortgages; can Patricia in episode 3 get her four children to help with their home overhaul in order to get a viewer through the door? Viewings aren’t a problem for Susan and Bob in episode 6 who have had over fifty showings but no one showing them the money, will their efforts be enough to seal the deal?
Tune into The Unsellables every Monday at 10pm on Real Estate TV at Sky Channels 273 and 274 or view the series on demand at Virgin TV and at