AB Property Marketing appointed to represent new Tuscan estate, Terre Gialle Residence & Resort

AB Property Marketing appointed to represent new Tuscan estate, Terre Gialle Residence & Resort

Italy ,
  • Terre Gialle Residence & Resort is a picturesque estate covering almost 20 acres across the beautiful Tuscan countryside
  • The estate combines renovated and new build property and offers both fractional and residential ownership
  • ABPM excited to be working with Terre Gialle Residence & Resort to promote their boutique Tuscan estate

With around 23 million visitors to the region last year, Tuscany remains one of the world’s top tourist destinations and is a region of undisputed natural beauty. Renowned for its enchanting countryside, reminiscent of the landscapes captured within Renaissance masterpieces, sweeping vineyards and olive groves, Tuscany continues to offer the essence of Italy that many dream of. This, combined with its rich artistic legacy and historic architecture, continues to attract visitors from across the globe to experience their very own taste of Tuscan life.

Set within Tuscany’s quintessential rolling hills, below the ancient hilltop town of Castel del Piano, Terre Gialle Residence & Resort is a picturesque estate covering almost 20 acres across some of the most pristine countryside the region has to offer.

This boutique residence and resort is surrounded by vast fields of olives and vines, an array of beautiful gardens and lush evergreen forests, with the town only a five minute drive away. With both full and fractional property ownership options available, Terre Gialle provides the perfect opportunity for each and every individual to indulge in the Tuscan lifestyle.

Simone Rossi, Director, Terre Gialle Residence & Resort, explains the enthusiasm surrounding the project,

“The region of Tuscany is often seen to epitomise the traditional Italian dream, with its mesmerising scenery and relaxed atmosphere it is the perfect setting for a home away from home. With our selection of properties available, we are excited to be able to deliver a choice to those wanting to find their very own place under the Tuscan sun. Both the residence and the resort, under the Terre Gialle brand, offer an experience that can allow everyone to immerse themselves in the year-round magic of Tuscany”.

The estate combines both renovated and new build property. Through fractional ownership, Terre Gialle Resort offers a range of modern 1 and 2 bedroom apartments and 3 bedroom villas. After a resplendent restoration, the historic Residence is comprised of studio, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments.

Exuding a unique, elegant atmosphere, Terre Gialle boasts a range of excellent facilities including a swimming pool with whirlpool, a well-kept park with nature trails and sports facilities, a tennis court and bowling green.

In order to further raise the profile of this magnificent Tuscan resort, Terre Gialle Residence & Resort has appointed leading international property PR agency, AB Property Marketing.

Charlotte Ashton, MD of AB Property Marketing, comments,

“The Terre Gialle estate is enriched with a two hundred year history and is continuously evolving to meet the market trends of the region, without losing the sense of its tradition. We at AB Property Marketing are delighted to be working with Terre Gialle Residence & Resort as they introduce their exciting new estate to the ever popular Tuscan market.”

Fractional ownership at Terre Gialle Resort starts from €28,000 (excluding maintenance cost) for a 4 week allowance per calendar year. The Terre Gialle Residence prices range from €93,500 to €176,000.

For more information about Terre Gialle Residence & Resort, visit www.terregialle.com, email info@terregialle.com or call 0203 637 2215.

AB Property Marketing appointed to represent market leading student accommodation provider, Collegiate

AB Property Marketing appointed to represent market leading student accommodation provider, Collegiate

United Kingdom ,

With greater numbers of undergraduate and postgraduate students now attending universities across the UK than a decade ago (a growth of near on 5% from 2003/4 to 2013/4, according to the Higher Education Statistics Agency), naturally, in turn there has developed an increased need for student housing.

Notoriously of poor quality, cramped, tired-buildings were once the mainstay of this part of the housing sector, providing students with accommodation that did not always allow for the most pleasant of experiences, let alone a living environment that supported them to make the very most of their university careers. Yet in recent years, a new breed of student property has emerged, not only as a solution to these negative refrains but also paving the way for the future of student accommodation: comfortable, forward-thinking and innovative.

Collegiate is the trusted university housing brand that is making strides in this sector; the leading provider of superior student accommodation in some of Britain’s finest university towns, providing perfect solutions for students and excellent opportunities for investors. Reflecting the need for high quality student living, Collegiate accommodation encompasses beautifully-designed modern living and learning spaces, alongside additional facilities that can include on-site gyms, private cinemas and reading rooms to ensure making friends is easier.

Reflecting todays students’ ambitions and the lives they want to lead, not only do the residences provide everything required to support learning, including fast broadband and innovative work spaces, all properties also place the safety of their students as a priority, incorporating features such as CCTV, 24-hour on-call support, and electronic entry systems to provide peace of mind to students and parents alike. Bedrooms are bright and airy, modern in design and fully functional, and communal areas are comfortable and contemporary, making properties a real home from home, well-maintained and of superior quality.

Eri Cuanalo, CEO of Collegiate explains what makes them the standout student accommodation provider in the UK,

“Built and based on our many years of experience in discovering and understanding what students and those who care for them want and expect from quality student accommodation, each and every one of our properties is superbly designed and meticulously maintained to the very highest of standards. Not only this, but we add a little ‘wow’ to each property, ensuring that the transition to university life is easy and enjoyable. At Collegiate, we are proud to hold to our mantra of ‘student living, just better’ and we look forward to the greater expansion of our offering this year.”

In light of Collegiate’s ongoing expansion of their student properties, the company has appointed leading property PR agency, AB Property Marketing, to promote their superior accommodations to students and investors alike.

Charlotte Ashton, MD of AB Property Marketing comments,

“ABPM are delighted to be representing Collegiate at what is a very exciting time for the company as they continue to grow their property portfolio and introduce their luxury accommodation to an even greater number of university students. With their experience in the sector and reputation for the highest of standards, they have truly earned their place as the leading student accommodation provider in the UK. I only wish there was a Collegiate option when I was at university!”

As experts in UK student accommodation, Collegiate are available to provide comment on the industry, opinion on the changing market and an authority voice on the subject of student living.

For more information about Collegiate, visit www.collegiate-ac.com or call 01235 250 140. 

AB Property Marketing appointed by leading Istanbul agent Universal21

AB Property Marketing appointed by leading Istanbul agent Universal21

Turkey ,

36.8 million foreign visitors arriving in 2014. 5.7% growth in average tourism spend in the last five years. 16.3% increase in house sales in December 2014, compared to the previous year. There is no denying it, the Turkish property market is looking hot.

And as 2015 begins to shine the spotlight even more sharply on this growing market, there is one location that is standing out more than all the rest, and not just in Turkey, worldwide. Istanbul is fast gaining an enviable reputation as one of the world’s top tourist destinations, with Trip Advisor ranking it in prime position in its ‘Top 25 World Destinations’ as part of the 2014 Travellers’ Choice Awards, a deserving accolade for a location where ’Europe and Asia meet… where breathtaking ancient architecture coexists with modern restaurants and nightlife.”

A melting pot of history and culture, as well as being a thriving financial centre, the resounding success of Turkey’s largest city has led to a flourishing property market, ripe for investment and increasingly so. Dynamic property company, Universal21, in recognising this, has been successfully working in the South-West region of Istanbul for 7 years and has grown to become proud of its status as the market leader in this field.

With a proven track record of bringing to market a diverse range of major projects in the city, Universal21 is highly experienced and knowledgeable on, the Turkish property market and offers total turnkey rental management services to those buying in Istanbul for investment and those buying for lifestyle reasons alike.

With this wealth of experience behind them, Director of Universal21, Adil Yaman, is sure that 2015 is already on track to be an even more exciting year,

“Istanbul is a renowned transcontinental city that has grown to become the planet’s go-to destination. This has meant that great opportunities have emerged for people investing in the local property market and we are fortunate to be able to help people in this through our wide range of property projects, from studio, one or two bed apartments, through to large, exclusive detached villas.

“With growing tourist numbers and greater development in the property market already being recorded this year, it is clear that 2015 is going to build, further still, on this enviable reputation and we look forward to what it will bring for Universal21 and our clients.”

Further to this increasing success, both for Istanbul and Universal21, the company has announced the appointment of leading property PR agency, AB Property Marketing to further grow their presence in the market.

Charlotte Ashton, MD of AB Property Marketing comments,

“Istanbul is a truly exciting market right now, as it continues to expand into 2015 and beyond. With no restrictions on foreign ownership, more and more people are realising the many benefits of buying in the Turkish property market and we are thrilled to be able to help spread the word of Universal 21’s part in this success. ABPM are proud to be working with such an established and highly thought of company as Universal21 and look forward to playing our part in further developing their central place in the Istanbul market.”

As experienced major players in the Istanbul property market, from both an investment and lifestyle perspective, Universal21 are available for market opinion, project information/images and to provide comment on buying overseas.

For more information about Universal21, visit www.universal21.com or call 0203 287 8700. 

Rents Soar as Chronic Shortage Forces Students into Local Hotel

United Kingdom
  • Aberdeen University forced to house 100 first year students in local hotel.
  • Critical shortage of rooms has led to crisis, with less than 10% of students able to access purpose-built accommodation.
  • The private sector are filling the gap, as councildraws up delayed action plan.
  • Emerging Property’s Aberdeen student development 100% occupied from day one, with rents up to 54% higher than projections.

An unfortunate 100 first year students in Aberdeen have been forced to begin their studies in a local hotel, after the city’s student housing shortage reached critical levels. With a total of 66,000 students and just 6,254 student rooms in total, according to the Aberdeen City and Shire Housing Need and Demand Assessment (March 2011), crisis has been on the horizon for years.

Compounding the issue is the rocketing prices in the private rental market, which, according to lettings site, Citylets, saw average property rents surpass £1,000 per month in 2013 – an increase of 11.5 per cent from the previous year.  This has been catalysed by the influx of workers to a city where, inspired by the energy sector (oil & gas especially), unemployment is less than half the national average.This is in addition to the limited development activity, which has seen an average of just 523 new housing completions annually since 2006.

In response, the city council is to launch a £3 million initiative to create 2,000 rooms within five affordable housing developments. Whether or not this will provide an adequate solution to the issue, however, is questionable – it is not only students who are suffering.

“There are problems with accommodation in Aberdeen in general, whether it’s private, the rented sector or student accommodation,” says Emily Beever, president of Aberdeen University’s Student Association (AUSA).”Aberdeen is the second most expensive place to live in the UK, so it’s obviously a major concern amongst students.”

The concern for the university is that, if students can’t find anywhere to live, then applying elsewhere will be their only option.With the council’s plans still very much at an early stage, it is the private sector that is currently working to fill the gaps, with developments designed specifically for students providing additional rooms.

For one such development, the heightened demand is proving lucrative for investors, with secured rents having leapt up more than 50% on projected levels. This is a huge increase and demonstrates just how undersupplied the Aberdeen housing market is.

“When we first began to research the city as a potential location for a student development, we were astounded by the supply gap,” says James Harrington, Business Development Manager at Emerging Property – a leading property investment consultancy, which has recently sold out a student development in Aberdeen. “We were able to secure a great city centre plot and build 30 high quality student rooms.”

These rooms were offered to investors with 10 per cent guaranteed net yields for 10 years – the best returns in UK student property – on the premise of achieving £130 in weekly rent. This is inclusive of professional property management and the presence of an adequate buffer to provide security.

In August, however, almost a month before the development’s scheduled completion, all rooms were taken by the University of Aberdeen itself, with rents of up to £200 per week – 54 per cent higher than initial estimates.

“We are always conservative with our rental projections, as security is a key aspect of the investments we offer,” explains Mr Harrington. “But to secure rents more than 50 per cent higher than our estimate highlights the critical situation of student housing in the city and puts our investors in an incredibly secure and lucrative position.”

With a second Scottish oil boom predicted by Professor John Howell, a leading offshore expert at Aberdeen University, it appears that the housing crisis may only get worse before it gets better.

To find out more about Emerging Property’s student investment opportunities, you can visit www.emergingproperty.co.uk or contact matthew@emergingproperty.co.uk 

AB Property Marketing appointed by innovative new private landlords’ support system, Ready Rentals

AB Property Marketing appointed by innovative new private landlords’ support system, Ready Rentals

United Kingdom

It is no surprise that the number of private landlords in the UK is on the increase. A second income for many, a useful revenue stream for those in retirement or simply the result of property ownership brought about by inheritance, scores more people are becoming landlords within the private rental market and feeling the benefits.

Yet this is also a sector that is strewn with minefields. The uninitiated very quickly come up against a myriad of legal stipulations that they have to abide by, seemingly ever-changing legislation that governs every aspect of how they conduct themselves and how they maintain both the property itself and the relationship with their tenant successfully, not to mention the worries of how best to market their property and make the very most of their bricks and mortar.

Coming from a background of 10 years as a well-respected letting agent at the helm of Castle Estates (Glasgow) Ltd, and with more than 35 years in the project and property management sector nationally, Neil Woodhead is launching Ready Rentals, an innovative new service which aims to provide much-needed assistance for currently unsupported private landlords.

Ready Rentals is a resource that provides self-managing landlords with the support to be able to deliver a professional and legally compliant service. The online system is accessible from anywhere in the world and currently supports landlords with properties in England, Wales or Scotland. The service is regulated by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), as well as being a Member of the Ombudsman Services Property which allows landlords to manage their portfolio with confidence.

Neil Woodhead, Founder of Ready Rentals explains what prompted him to establish the new service,

“Over the years I have been approached countless times by people who had become private landlords, either through choice or circumstance, and found themselves in deep waters, overwhelmed by legislative constraints liable to change and floundering to stay on the right side of the law.

“I wanted to provide a service that would support these hardworking people meaning they no longer needed to do it alone. The result is Ready Rentals, an easy-to-access service that provides all the tools needed to be a successful private landlord for an affordable price. Making use of my years of experience as a letting agent, I have prepared a service which allows people to tick every box, from a legal and marketing perspective, to make their job as a private landlord as easy, pain-free and rewarding as possible.”

Ready Rentals will:

  • Offer access to all of the documents needed to become a private landlord
  • Be automated to suit individual needs
  • Offer continually updated advice on statutory regulations and letting a property
  • Offer online marketing to major portals
  • Provide information on marketing and advertising, and everything else needed to function as a successful landlord – all at the click of a button!

Today, announcing their upcoming launch on 20th October, Ready Rentals have appointed leading property PR agency, AB Property Marketing, to share the news of their exciting new service.

Charlotte Ashton, MD of AB Property Marketing, comments,

“At ABPM we’re really excited to be helping launch Ready Rentals to the UK market. Being a private, stand-alone landlord can be tough, with so much legislation and paperwork to navigate, yet with Ready Rentals this no longer need be the case.

“With Neil’s industry background and the backing of RICS, as well as what can only be described as a fantastically intuitive system, Ready Rentals certainly fills a gap in the market and will prove invaluable to those managing a rental property themselves.”

As an expert in the UK rental market, the difficulties facing landlords and the changing legislation, Neil Woodhead and Ready Rentals are available to provide industry comment.

To find out more about Ready Rentals and the service they offer, visit www.readyrentals.co.uk

Award-winning agency Ideal Homes Portugal appoints AB Property Marketing to promote overseas property roadshows – coming to the UK soon!

Award-winning agency Ideal Homes Portugal appoints AB Property Marketing to promote overseas property roadshows – coming to the UK soon!

Portugal ,

Following the successful public relations campaign for The Overseas Property Show, undertaken by AB Property Marketing earlier this year, award-winning Algarve estate agency, Ideal Homes Portugal, who organised and hosted the show, has once again appointed the leading property PR agency to promote the next series of UK roadshows coming soon.

Based in the perennially popular Algarve region of southern Portugal, Ideal Homes Portugal was founded by Director Chris White, now in his tenth year of helping sun-seeking Brits find the perfect property overseas.

At the heart of Chris’ ethos is a commitment to providing a personal, expert service to every single client who contacts his firm; backed by a passionate team who share his enthusiasm for Portugal, and for providing unbeatable service.

Chris commented: “We believe in meeting clients in person and building a relationship with them, which is why we invest in our roadshows. Visitors will be able to meet our team, browse villas, apartments and townhouses for sale at reduced prices – in some cases up to 60 per cent, as well as receive one-to-one specialist advice on overseas mortgages, taxation, the legalities of buying abroad and currency transfers”

From off-plan apartments through to multi-million pound luxury villas and bank repossessions across the Algarve, Ideal Homes Portugal will be shouting loud about the superb range of properties on offer, as well as their exceptional service

Commenting on the appointment, ABPM Managing Director, Charlotte Ashton, says,

“After working successfully on The Overseas Property Show earlier this year, the team and I are delighted to be working with Ideal Homes Portugal once again. With the traditional second homes market in Europe picking up once again, it will be superb to be able to fulfil the media appetite for Portugal property market news and inform buyers of the opportunities available.”

What can Ideal Homes Portugal offer the media?

The ABPM team are available 24/7 to supply the following on behalf of Ideal Homes Portugal:

  • Insightful expert market comment from Founder Chris White
  • Detailed market reports and statistics
  • Information on a wide range of properties for sale
  • High resolution imagery
  • Client case studies – including celebrities and household names
  • Press trips to the Algarve (for secured commissions only)

For more information on Ideal Homes Portugal please contact Charlotte Ashton on +44 845 054 7524, email charlotte@abpropertymarketing.co.uk or visit http://www.idealhomesportugal.com

Why leading property professionals can’t survive without social media

Why leading property professionals can’t survive without social media

United Kingdom

Social media services have become increasingly useful to property professionals over recent years and now the latest survey from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) has confirmed social media’s place as the essential online tool for successful companies.

The survey found that some 91% of US estate agents now use social media. Key reasons for doing so included lead generation and keeping in touch with clients. Of those surveyed, 70% were found to use social media in order to build relationships and network, demonstrating the value of social media both for maintaining contact with existing clients. Attracting new clients was also shown to be a key benefit of social media, with 64% of respondents saying they use the platforms for marketing and generating leads.

The importance of social media is instantly apparent when the numbers are considered. Facebook has over one billion monthly users, there are 500 million Twitter accounts, LinkedIn has more than 225 million members and over six billion hours of YouTube videos are watched every month. Furthermore, according to Pew Internet, 73% of adults who are online use a social networking site of some kind.

For property professionals in the UK and around the globe, the power of social media cannot be ignored. From enabling wider audience engagement to making it easier for clients to get in touch, social media is an essential part of the modern property professional’s repertoire.

In the UK, for example, some 80% of those looking to purchase a property begin their search online. Indeed, traffic statistics company Hitwise has reported that 1% of all UK internet traffic relates to property.

But with such a huge number of people to reach out to and such an array of sites through which to do it, the best approach can often be tricky to establish. That’s where AB Property Marketing comes in. We keep up to date with the latest research on social media usage.

We know, for example, that in the UK Facebook dropped 1.5 million users between December 2012 and December 2013 based on comScore data. We also know that Pinterest is now more popular than Twitter, attracting 21% and 18% of online adults respectively during 2013, according to Pew Internet. The Pew research also reveals that LinkedIn is particularly popular amongst higher income households.

AB Property Marketing’s social media service provides property professionals with experts in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Vimeo Social Media channels. Keeping abreast with the latest research means that we can take a personalised approach to targeting clients’ social media activity, thus capitalizing on each client’s ability to expand their reach and generate maximum impact.

To find out more about how AB Property Marketing can boost your business through social media, visit us at http://www.abpropertymarketing.co.uk/what-do-we-do/social-media/ or call and speak to one of our expert team today on +44 845 054 7524.

ABPM appointed to represent brand new luxury estate agency, Charles Derby Estates Notting Hill

ABPM appointed to represent brand new luxury estate agency, Charles Derby Estates Notting Hill

United Kingdom ,

Charles Derby has been in financial planning and insurance services since 2010 throughout the UK with one of the largest networks of locally placed agents. With a growing number of investors entering the UK property market and needing specialised advice, guidance and planning regarding finance, insurance and bricks and mortar, AB Property Marketing (ABPM), leading property PR agency, are proud to introduce Charles Derby Estates.


Charles Derby Estates’ aim is to bring the professionalism and due diligence from the financial services industry to the property sector and provide a local, bespoke service to each individual client through their growing network of offices across the UK.


Working alongside ABPM, Charles Derby Estates will imminently be opening their flagship London office in the luxury playground of West London, with their newest addition to the network, Charles Derby Estates Notting Hill in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea.


One of the most prestigious and highly sought after locations, Notting Hill is renowned throughout the world, home to Royalty and the most successful business minds, entrepreneurs and music moguls, from Sir Richard Branson and Simon Cowell to Bryan Ferry and Brian May.


With a wide variety of properties located across this prestigious area of London already available, Charles Derby Estates Notting Hill enables inquisitive house hunters and tenants alike the ability to find their perfect home as well as offering vendors and landlords an effective platform to sell or rent.


Commenting on the Charles Derby Estates model, Director, experienced mortgage broker and landlord himself for 7 Years , Kirit Lakhani says:


“We pride ourselves on being able to offer the people of Notting Hill the expert knowledgeable financial advice that is sometimes overlooked at other estate agencies. Our team have blended their vast experience together in order to create a professional estate agency service that is successful yet unintimidating for customers. Operating with a genuine sense of pride that is completely unmatched, the team aims to make each client feel confident and comfortable at every stage of the buying, selling or renting process.”


As a licensed member of the National Approved Letting Scheme (NALS), Charles Derby Estates Notting Hill are also proud to work with Rent on Time, an innovative and competent resource that ensures all landlords receive their rent on time, every time, without having to go to the trouble of making claims or having to pay extra fees.


An ingenious concept devised by a team with experience spanning over 80 years in the property lettings industry, it is ideal for landlords who want to have a contingency plan in place should their tenant not be able to pay their rent.


Commenting on the appointment of ABPM, Charlotte Ashton, Managing Director says,


“We are delighted to be representing the new Charles Derby Estates Notting Hill branch! The latest figures (April 2014) record a 17% hike in London house prices during the past 12 months – the highest since April 2003.


“As the market picks up there is a clear demand in this area of London for a luxury estate agency to offer the quality of services available at Charles Derby Estates, with the financial background of the expert team a real advantage to buyers and sellers.”


Director Kirit Lakhani is available for market comment or for more information on the luxury Notting Hill estate agency’s services visit www.charlesderbyestatesnottinghill.com  or call 0207 792 1777, you can also Follow on twitter or Like the dedicated Facebook page.

Positive Portugal: Buyer confidence up as new property show announced

Positive Portugal: Buyer confidence up as new property show announced

United Kingdom

The newly released RICS/Ci Portuguese Housing Market Survey has recorded a positive rise in buyer confidence in the Portuguese housing market, as well as property sales in the country, showing that Brits are again looking to European shores when buying property overseas.

  • Growing interest in Portuguese property from prospective buyers; rise in number of properties sold (RICS/Ci Portuguese Housing Market Survey)
  • The Overseas Property Show Friday 16th to Monday 19th May 2014 at National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham
  • Tony and Belle Birkbeck, from Epsom, Surrey, recognise benefits of visiting show and bought in Portugal

The Survey, which covers estate agents and developers who operate in the Portuguese residential sales market, highlighted a growing interest from buyers in property for sale in the country, with increasing numbers of new buyer enquiries. Not only this, but the survey also revealed that there had been a moderate rise in the numbers of properties sold in the country as well as steady activity in the lettings market.   Having been party to the downturn in the global housing market, these are all positive signs that the industry is again on the up, reflected also in the announcement of a new property show in the UK, focussing on the options available to buy in key overseas markets including Portugal.

The Overseas Property Show, taking place from 16th – 19th May at the National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham will give people the chance to find out about the types of properties being offered on foreign shores and will see a host of overseas property experts on hand to answer any questions about purchasing property overseas.   The show will provide important assistance on every aspect associated with buying outside of the UK, from currency to mortgages to legal requirements, providing advice for those considering purchasing as an investment option, holiday home or even for relocation reasons.

Chris White, Director of The Overseas Property Show, explains,   “The fact that prices remain affordable in many overseas markets, yet with increasing buyer confidence, means that now is a fantastic time to look at buying that dream home abroad. We hope that through The Overseas Property Show, those considering making such a purchase, for whatever reason – be it personal or financial – will feel empowered through the knowledge that they gain after talking to our experts. Our aim is to make the process easy and stress-free, and the Property Show educational and fun!”

Covering the popular markets of Portugal, Spain, Italy and Florida in the US, The Overseas Property Show will also offer visitors the chance to learn about the types of apartments and villas available in the locations covered and the property bargains on offer, starting at as little as €79,000.

Tony and Belle Birkbeck, from Epsom in Surrey, know only too well the benefits of visiting a property show, having purchased their perfect overseas home after visiting an exhibition in London last year. The couple bought a holiday home in Portugal after holidaying there for many years and deciding they wanted their own bolt-hole in the sun to escape to for rest and relaxation.   Tony explains how a visit to a property show helped them to make their dream a reality,

“I wasn’t really thinking about buying a holiday home but watching ‘A Place in the Sun’ with my wife got the cogs turning. Out of the blue I got an email regarding a property show in London and as I happened to be in London when the show was on we set off to see what is was all about.

“We ended up buying through Ideal Homes International who were incredibly helpful. From meeting the staff from at the show who started our journey of finding the perfect property, the whole of the team has shown a professional and accommodating manner throughout. We are over the moon with our new home!”

Ideal Homes International will be one of the companies represented at The Overseas Property Show and tickets for the event are free. Open into the evening, from 10.30am until 7.00pm (6.00pm on the Monday), there is plenty of opportunity to visit the show, which is being held in the Museum’s ‘Bracebridge Suite’.

To reserve free tickets for The Overseas Property Show, call 0800 133 7644 or email info@theoverseaspropertyshow.com or for more information, visit www.theoverseaspropertyshow.com 

Leisure real estate summit returns to LondonAB Property Marketing

Leisure real estate summit returns to LondonAB Property Marketing

United Kingdom

More than 100 international industry figures from a range of real estate disciplines gathered at The Montcalm Marble Arch in London last week for the Leisure Real Estate Summit 2014.

Leisure Real Estate Summit is designed to provide hotel and other leisure real estate asset owners, asset managers and investors with new and complementary strategies to create real value, identifying routes to investment in order to release the potential of UK and international assets.

Following a successful launch in London last year, the event is a reaction to both the continued difficult economic situation, and the growing synergies and crossovers between various elements of the international mixed-use leisure real estate sector, including hotels, lodges and leisure parks, second home ownership, vacation ownership, REITs and vacation rental.

Sponsors for this year´s event were The Registry Collection, Azure Malta, Key Location Properties and Hutchinson & Co Trust Company.

The conference got off to a thought-provoking start when journalist and trends forecaster James Wallman explained his theory of “stuffocation”. Wallman says the 21st century will see the rise of experientialism, where people are more driven by amassing experiences rather than material possessions. Partly due to disullusionment and partly due to the rise of social media, he says status in the 21st century will be expressed by what we do, not we own.

Aimee Valaitis of Rightmove Overseas revealed the results of her company´s recent survey of 3,000 existing and future overseas property buyers. The respondees´ primary motives for purchase were made up of 51% second home owners, 36% who bought for emigration and 13% for investment purposes. Spain and France were the most popular markets for both second homes and emigration.

Luis Carmo Costa of Neoturis gave a fascinating presentation on the relationship between the holiday home market and airlift. He warned of the pitfalls of developing in areas where the transport infrastructure was not sufficiently developed to attract a sizeable tourist audience, which would become the bedrock of a second home industry. He cited the examples of golf resorts in Bulgaria and Lake Balaton in Hungary as areas where development went ahead without sufficient airlift to make the projects viable.

Low Cost airlines brought regular seat-only capacity from source markets to the resort second home destinations, said Carmo Costa, and said that the volume of low cost traffic is likely to continue growing. Sounding a note of caution, he said that the likes of EasyJet are now allowing group bookings, combined with a rise in charter flight activity, mean that second home developers should become an engaged part of the tourism sector. Developing relationships with local communities and businesses, and use their lobbying power can help to ensure that flight frequencies are sufficient to support a second home market.

Dejan Djordevic of ESTA Holdings gave a case study about bringing a distressed asset back to health. The Four Seasons Bora Bora resort was launched “at the worst possible” time, just as the global financial crisis kicked in, but a combination of strategic cost cutting and revenue boosting exercises enabled the resort to weather the storm, and it is now one of the top performing properties in the Four Seasons portfolio. Djordevic said that guest expectations remain as high as ever, even during the tough times, so it is essential that a resort has a strategy to cope with every situation.

The rapidly growing potential of the retirement market was discussed in a panel devoted to this important buying demographic. Gil Summers of Summers Retirement Villages said that the traditional view of retirees is outdated, and these buyers are now active, sociable and often heavily involved with their communities. Perry Newton of Azure Malta had noticed a similar trend and stressed the importance of providing sufficient and suitable facilities and activities for retired buyers.

Presentations from Dan Kiernan of Intelligent Partnership and Kathryn Miller of STR Global looked at investment type and activity in hotel and resort property, and hotel performance respectively.

A breakout session on shared ownership resorts (fractional ownership and timeshare) included presentations on vacation rental, legal and trust structure, and exchange programmes.

During a session on attracting Chinese buyers in to European leisure real estate markets, Carlos Leal of United Investments Portugal, part of the IFA Group, said: “The Golden Visa programme for Chinese investors is not a miracle drug for an ailing property market. It has a limited timeframe, and a resort should not base its business plan on it.”

Towards the end of the day, during a session where panellists were asked to predict future trends for the market, Russell Bragg of Bragg and Co said that “PIGS will fly” and predicted strong growth for the markets in Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain. He also predicted that most fractional developments in the UK and Europe will fail, and said that UK buyers purchasing overseas property off-plan is a thing of the past.

Delegate feedback from Leisure Real Estate Summit 2014

‘Great Summit providing depth and insight into the leisure real estate market’
Thierry Hellin, deputy group CEO, Group Pierre et Vacances, Center Parcs

‘A real variety of truly insightful speakers’
Rob Sykes, senior associate, WATG

‘Great value from industry experienced executives’
John Mather, CEO, Thor Estates Limited