A day in the life of a property PR

A day in the life of a property PR

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One of the best things about working in property PR is the fact that there is no typical day. Opening up the laptop each morning brings with it a wealth of possibilities, where requests from journalists and new announcements from clients can instantly change the shape of the next several hours.

Of course, there are some standard things that have to be fitted in to each week. Press releases have to be written, to present clients’ information in an engaging fashion that will delight those who read it and entice journalists to find out more. Pitches have to be crafted perfectly for individual publications and requests from journalists need to be responded to quickly and expertly.

Client liaison is also an important part of the day. Property PRs need to have an intimate knowledge not just of their clients’ current projects, but also of future plans, new properties and any new sectors or markets that are being considered. Regular phone calls, meetings and site visits are essential for keeping up to date.

Staying up to date with current research, upcoming trends and relevant events is also an essential part of the day-to-day work of a property PR. Clients need to be positioned ready to share their expertise on the latest policy decisions, global financial developments and sector-specific news. Having up-to-the minute commentary is essential if clients’ voices are to be heard in relation to current affairs.

A day in the life of a property PR also means being highly organised with paperwork and files. The right images for each property need to be at hand, ready for use at a moment’s notice, along with a detailed factsheet providing all of the relevant data. You never know which angle of a property a journalist might focus on and so it’s important to have as much info as possible, just in case.

Finally, there are those weeks when as well as fitting in all of the regular tasks, a press trip, property show or series of meetings with journalists about a new project is in the diary. These weeks tend to be hard work and great fun all rolled into one – it’s all part of the wonderful variety of being a property PR!

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How to get the best out of your PR agency

How to get the best out of your PR agency


You might be forgiven for thinking that once you’ve read proposals, interviewed the best candidates and settled on your PR agency of choice, your work is done and that you can relax and enjoy the benefits that professional PR will bring to your brand.

Of course, that is an option, but you taking an active approach to engaging with your PR firm can reap big rewards, as Charlotte Ashton, Founder of property PR agency AB Property Marketing, explains,

“In PR, as in life, you get out what you put in. Companies who are proactive in working with their PR agency will definitely benefit from an enhanced service. PRs can only work with what they have, so a company that feeds their agency things like fresh statistics, information on new projects, research findings and exclusive insights will certainly reap the benefits of doing so.”

In the spirit of supporting every company to maximize its PR potential, AB Property Marketing has these 5 top tips to follow:

AB Property Marketing’s 5 top tips for getting the best out of your PR agency

1. Keep in touch

A quick regular call with your PR agency can do wonders. Be it weekly, fortnightly or monthly, all you need to do is pick up the phone and run through the highlights of what the company has been up to. A trained PR professional will focus in on the golden nuggets of information that will be a hit with the media and can then take them away and turn them into fabulous coverage while you’re getting on with the rest of your working week.

2. Be aware

Keep up to date with media coverage about your sector. You probably do so anyway, so simply consider the stories you’re reading from a media point of view: how is the journalist approaching the topic? What is their angle? What kind of comment has made it into the article from business leaders? Being aware of such considerations will help you to identify what to pass on to your PR agency, particularly when they come to you asking for commentary that has to be produced to a very tight deadline!

3. Be flexible

Think flexibly about how you can help the media. Journalists rely on accurate, timely information to write their features. Your PR agency may ask you to comment on a sector-wide issue rather than one specific to your company. Be flexible in your approach and consider how your knowledge is representative of your industry. Apply the lessons your business has learned to the wider sector, against the backdrop of your industry knowledge, and you are on the right path to becoming seen as an expert spokesperson.

4. Understand what PR is!

PR is not the same as advertising. If a journalist is looking for a comment, it’s usually about issues impacting on your sector. They’re not looking for one brief sentence on their chosen topic, followed by two lengthy paragraphs about your products. Give your expert opinion on the matter in question and leave it to your PR to work in a mention of your product or a link to your website!

5. Be responsive

When it comes to PR, the early bird really does get the worm. Journalists work to very tight deadlines and the faster they can be provided with reliable, insightful information, the better. With so many businesses competing in every sector these days, you will need to be fast and responsive in order to get the coverage you deserve. If you delay for a couple of days before providing comment in response to a request from your PR agency, it’s likely that a competitor will have pipped you to the post or that the article will already have been published.

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The Absolutely Fabulous world of PR

The Absolutely Fabulous world of PR

United Kingdom

For ladies of a certain age (in the AB Property Marketing office it seems to be 35 and above), the image of PR was forever defined by Jennifer Saunders’ unforgettable performance as Edina Monsoon in Absolutely Fabulous.

Saffy: “I’m sorry, Mum, but I’ve never seen what you actually do”
Eddy: “PR!”
Saffy: “Yes, but…”
Eddy: “PR! I PR things! People. Places. Concepts.”

Patsy: “Lulu!”

Eddy: “Lulu! I PR them! I am, and if you’ve heard of me, I have PR. I make the fabulous. I make the crap into credible. I make the dull into…”

Patsy: “Delicious.”

Eddy: “Delicious! I PR, darling!”

As the long awaited new Ab Fab film hits UK cinemas this Friday 1st July 2016, we cast our minds back to what the original series taught us about the world of PR and compare it with the reality we’re living today.

Sadly, the world of PR is not quite the endless whirlwind of lunches, Bolli-Stoli cocktails and designer shopping binges that us impressionable teenage girls were led to believe it would be. It turns out that sometimes you have to do some actual work – like writing press releases, going to meetings and arranging press trips.

Of course, working in PR does have its moments. Sometimes you actually get to go on said press trips. Plus the client liaison side of the business does seem to involve a touch more champagne drinking than many jobs entail. There are glitzy events to attend and fabulous outfits to select for them… but whereas Edina and Patsy drifted effortlessly from one event to the next, pausing only to fall out of the occasional taxi or drink their way through a flight to New York, the reality involves booking venues, arranging catering, managing lists (invites, attendance, maybes, drop outs on the day…) and a great deal of dashing around organising things with barely time to grab lunch.

The reality is that PR is a demanding profession. It’s hard work. Yes, it can also be great fun, but those companies that succeed are the ones that put work before play. Data from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) shows that there is a significant drop out rate once PR professionals reach their 30s. The CIPR’s public relations and policy manager, Andy Ross, observes,

“One thing I would say is that public relations definitely isn’t a lifelong career option for most. This is backed up by our State of the Profession data which shows that only 35 per cent of PR professionals say that PR is a career for life.”

The pressure of the industry isn’t for everyone. Many people who thrive on the pace when they first join do feel burned out by their early 30s. According to the Forbes Top Ten Most Stressful Jobs 2016, only enlisted military personnel, firefighters, pilots, police officers and event coordinators experience more stress in their working lives than public relations professionals.

But there are those of us who stick with it – the 35+ section of the ABPM office team who remember the original Ab Fab and still go into work every day with Edina Monsoon’s many formative pieces of advice firmly in mind. Who, despite the long hours, the ridiculous deadlines and the meetings cancelled at short notice when you’ve travelled for two hours to get there, believe that PR is an absolutely fabulous career.

Charlotte Ashton, Founder of property PR agency, AB Property Marketing and diehard Ab Fab fan, comments,

“I remember watching Eddy and Patsy in the original TV series back in the early 1990’s. As a young teenager I tuned into BBC2 each week from my bedroom, enthralled and appalled in equal measure by their antics but I distinctly recall thinking if this is what PR is, then I want to do it, it looks like fun!

“20 something years later my wish to work in PR has been fulfilled although it’s less Bolli filled and more bloody long hours filled than Eddy and her BFF made it out to be. That said, the appeal of ‘people, places, concepts’ hasn’t waned yet sweetie darling!”

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Running a press trip – not a stress trip

Running a press trip – not a stress trip


Viv Onslow, Senior PR Executive, AB Property Marketing Ltd

As a rooky PR girl some 7 years ago, the boss asks, “Could you fit in organising a press trip?”

Of course I could – a piece of cake.  I might not have done PR for years but I certainly have worked in a commercial fast-paced environment for eons and getting a few journalists onto a plane to somewhere hot should be a doddle. She said.

“So four top flight journalists need to go to La Gomera and here are the dates.” Off I trotted with these essential details and a list of which publications we wanted to target. Easy I thought.

Well, as I very quickly leaned, there are five things you need to know before embarking on inviting journalists on a press trip:

  1. Journalists get invited on press trips dozens of times a month
  2. They cherry pick their trips
  3. They want a hook – and three days in the sun in itself just isn’t enough
  4. You need to jump through hoops – high ones
  5. Being organised is essential

Being then relatively new to property PR meant I hadn’t thought some of this through until I started sending out the invites. The replies dribbled back: “I’m busy”, “No thanks, not for me”, “No, already been there” or just plain “NO!”

I’m never deterred by a few no’s so it was on to the next batch of possibles. Adding some more oomph to my invite such as like the ambient air temperature in La Gomera in May, some sexy details on the hotel accommodation and some highlights of food and wine of the region.

At last a couple of journalists came back with “well yes – maybe”.

Obviously there were a few caveats to the “maybe” ranging from “what time is the flight?” to “How will I get to the airport?”, “Does the hotel do macchiato Frappuccinos?” and “What exactly is for sale?”, “Do you have a case study?” and “Who actually lives on La Gomera – why not just go to Tenerife?!”

Things were moving, albeit slowly, in the right direction.  Questions answered, positive vibes and just two more to go.  More scouring the contact book for hot property writers who appear to never have been to the Canaries.

Then a stroke of good luck.  The hotel dug out a dignitary, a UK MP who appeared to be happy to host a drinks party and had a house on La Gomera.  It was all coming together nicely.

Rather oddly this press trip, unlike most that I have gone on to organise, did not require a PR representative so there was no me or the boss on the ground to sort out problems and hand out euros like it was monopoly money.  The client was in charge and on their own.

Waking on the morning of the press trip to five missed calls on my mobile did nothing to steady the nerves.  Lost journalist at Gatwick who couldn’t find the group and couldn’t manage to dial the contact number I had furnished her with.

Actually after this minor hiccough, things went swimmingly. The journalists all arrived safe and sound, had a fabulous time and the client got stacks of great coverage – which is really why us PR folk are hell bent on making these trips a success.

Since then I have gone on to organise many press trips and it is very obvious why clients entrust us to sort this “stuff” out for them.

Press trip are tough and can too often become ‘stress trips’ if not managed properly. They need to be organised down to minutiae – the more organisation, the more smoothly events will run be they here in the UK or in Zambia!

And it can be a fine line juggling the needs of the client and the needs of the journalist to keep everyone happy.  So my top tips for a smooth running press trip and not a stress trip are:

  1. Write EVERYTHING down – that way you have less chance of missing things and making mistakes
  2. Produce a press trip itinerary – this needs explicit details on timings, flight info, who, what, where, when and why. Don’t forget to put EVERYONE’S email and telephone numbers on here – they will be essential to all attendees.
  3. Don’t be afraid to say NO. Clients and journalists can sometimes have ridiculous expectations – and you need to know when to draw the line
  4. If you are attending a press trip DON’T get drunk however tempting that sangria is. You are in charge and should remain professional at all times.
  5. Smile, be polite and soldier on. It will come out right in the end.

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Editor’s Notes:

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Why you should be a journalist’s flexible friend…

Why you should be a journalist’s flexible friend…


Everyone would like to get their company, its products or services into a wide range of publications and the best way to achieve this is to be as flexible and open as possible to the needs of the media, whether it is in print, online or broadcast.

Whilst it is obviously important to remember who your target audience are and to ensure that you’re speaking to them, wherever possible in media relations, it is key to try not to pigeon-hole yourself. When spreading the message of your property company and products or services, it is important to consider what the appetite in the media currently is. And this is where a good PR agency comes in, one that will have their finger on the pulse of what is topical and trending in the press.

Naturally, we would all like to steer the media in what they’re talking about (and a good PR person occasionally can), but it is essential to remember that publications, and in turn the journalists themselves, will have their own agenda and topics that they want to cover – and you need to make sure that you’re a part of that!

The best way to do this, working with a PR pro, is to think outside the box and be prepared to provide comment and details that may relate to the wider market place or subjects of current, topical interest. Sometimes this will relate to an area that your company is not so specifically prevalent in but you should not shy away from this. Don’t be afraid to offer an opinion and let your voice be heard!

Not only will this mean that you are likely to gain a greater amount of media coverage, in a wider range of outlets, but it will also strengthen your position as a voice of authority in the industry. This can only be a good thing for adding value to your brand and positioning your company in a place of trust in the market.

Charlotte Ashton, Managing Director of leading property PR agency, AB Property Marketing, explains the importance of this,

“Whilst it is always important to narrow down your brand values, key customer base and what you stand for before starting on the PR journey, it is also key to not approach it in a blinkered way. Instead, learn to be flexible to a journalist’s needs and you will soon find that you are getting far more exposure than you would have done if you had remained shut off to slightly left-field opportunities. Be open-minded and confident in what you can offer the media and you will soon see the benefits.”

Commenting on issues that are slightly outside of your usual sphere may seem at first glance to be working against the brand message, but providing your product isn’t tied specifically to a certain audience (for example retirement properties) then this does not have to be the case. For example, you may be offering investment properties, aimed primarily at the buy-to-let market, but make sure you’re also talking to your normal buyer on the street. This is especially the case when in some respects all properties purchased in a growing market could be considered an investment anyhow!

Although this may feel initially outside of your comfort zone, your public relations manager will make sure that your brand and company values are never sacrificed. They will achieve this by always providing the correct context and a constant strapline to describe what your company stands for and does when having conversations with journalists.

So now is the time to start limbering up – aim to become a flexible friend to the media, help wherever possible with comment and opinion and you will soon become one of the prominent voices in the industry.

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My first year in PR with AB Property Marketing

My first year in PR with AB Property Marketing


If asked to describe my first year in PR in just three words it would be enlightening, challenging and rewarding. With no real preconceived expectations, other than the offering of a more creative work environment, I started my role at AB Property Marketing eager to experience all that was involved in the world of property PR.

As someone who has always loved to learn new things, this year has definitely allowed me to absorb a wealth of industry knowledge and a much greater understanding of exactly what a role in PR entails.

Contrary to popular belief it is not all lovely long lunches and business days out, although we have been lucky enough to enjoy a few as a team, but long days of research, writing, client relations, rewriting, communicating with journalists and everything in between. The team of ABPM ladies work diligently to develop professional relationships, create the best opportunities and achieve the results that our clients have come to expect from us.

I’m first to admit how much I love having a calendar in front of me with the month’s schedule outlined, but the first lesson I learnt in PR is that although a to-do list is wonderful, it’s better to expect the unexpected. Between breaking news, newly released data, urgent requests and client needs, daily tasks are always subject to change. Adaptability and flexibility are key to a successful PR team. Being able to reshuffle your own personal workload, as well as aiding your colleagues, in order to meet deadlines is a much needed skill and one to master sooner rather than later.

The second lesson learnt during my introduction to the PR world is the importance of keeping up to date with the news, both general and industry specific in relation to your company’s specialist subject. Property is an essential commodity for everyone and is subsequently a topic that is discussed frequently in the media by all, from industry experts to government officials. The better informed you are about the latest market news, the more relevant and interesting your press releases and pitches will be. Those with their fingers on the pulse are often the people that can provide reaction and comment quickly and efficiently which will give your clients a significant advantage in a busy arena.

My third, and probably most valuable, lesson from my first year within PR is that in order to be effective in your role and achieve results, you must think outside the box. At AB Property Marketing we have taken this one step further, there is no box. With no boundaries or restrictions and no thought too eccentric to discuss, we have the freedom to form innovative ideas and create unique and original material for our clients.

Recently, whilst trying to join the dots from a Shakespearean inspired butterfly farm in Istanbul, to Shakespeare’s upcoming birthday anniversary, to a new residential property development launching in the city, I realised that my first year in PR has made quite an impact. Having felt like one of the team from the very beginning, I now feel confident and comfortable in my abilities and look forward to the future challenges and lessons learnt over this next year. After all, the world of PR is evolving and every day brings something new to discover.

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Top 10 press release writing tips – keep your copy at the top of its game

Top 10 press release writing tips – keep your copy at the top of its game

United Kingdom World

Part of a successful PR campaign is the production of well-crafted, engaging press releases that present your brand and product to the world. Writing a press release can be an immensely rewarding task when it generates column inches and sales enquiries.

The experts at leading property PR agency, AB Property Marketing, share their top 10 tips on how to write a successful press release.

  1. Know your message

When faced with a new service or product, ask questions. Ask questions until you run out of air and can’t think of anything else to ask. It’s how you gain a full understanding of the service / product and the message you want to convey to the world about it. Without clarity on this, your press release is doomed from the start.

  1. Know your audience

Equally important is understanding for whom you are writing. If you have visions of featuring in luxury publications but you’re emphasising their product’s affordability and lack of exclusivity, your message won’t be getting across to the right people. Target your writing to the audience likely to buy the service/ product, as well as to the journalists who have the power to reach that audience.

  1. Love your product

It’s not enough to just know your product; you have to feel it. In fact, you have to love it. Your passion (or lack thereof) for your subject matter will show in your writing. If you want your readers to love your service or product, then you have to convey to them why they should, so let your passion flow into your copy to truly inspire those who read your work.

  1. Do your homework

You’ll want to link your press release to relevant statistics and research, to back up and give weight to the information that you are presenting. Credibility is king, so get stuck in online and find original, just-published reports and datasets that you can use to present new and exciting information in your client’s press release. Don’t regurgitate old figures and always track down and check the source report.

  1. Banish waffle

The internet has done miraculous things in terms of sharing knowledge around the world and connecting people with information. It has also reduced our attention spans dramatically. If a headline and first sentence doesn’t grab a reader, they will be on to the next link in a flash. So banish waffle from your copy. Keep it simple, clear and on point. If you want to witter on, write a novel!

  1. Think human

People love to read about people. It’s why so many celebrity magazines exist. We are fascinated by the lives of others and social media has made these lives accessible in a way that has never previously been possible. When it comes to your service or product, think about the human element. Include a case study of someone who has benefitted from it and give the reader someone to relate to.

  1. Be bold

Be bold. Be exciting. Be innovative. Use fresh data, new ideas and interesting concepts. Whatever you do, don’t let your content feel boring or stale. There’s a huge world of content out there. If you want readers to notice yours, it needs to be a cut above the rest.

  1. Don’t proofread your own work

The human brain has a well-documented ability to read what it thinks should be in a word or sentence, rather than what actually is. This is particularly true when you are rereading something that you have written yourself – the brain can skip over errors as it knows what the sentence should say and not what it does say. The moral? Always opt for a fresh pair of eyes and get someone else to proofread your work.

  1. Know when to write

Get to know your circadian rhythms and find the best time of day to let the muse take you. If you’re at your best in the mornings, write then, or if you’re a night owl then adjust your schedule accordingly. Don’t force the words if they don’t come easily – step back and let your subconscious work out the knots and you’ll find your writing flows more freely as a result. Unless, of course, you’re on a tight deadline in which case grab a double shot latte and knuckle down!

  1. Never be complacent

No matter how good the press release that you’ve just written is, the next one can always be better. Writing is a craft that can be improved over time, just like any other skill. So seek to make each press release you write the best one yet.

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AB Property Marketing appointed to represent new Tuscan estate, Terre Gialle Residence & Resort

AB Property Marketing appointed to represent new Tuscan estate, Terre Gialle Residence & Resort

Italy ,
  • Terre Gialle Residence & Resort is a picturesque estate covering almost 20 acres across the beautiful Tuscan countryside
  • The estate combines renovated and new build property and offers both fractional and residential ownership
  • ABPM excited to be working with Terre Gialle Residence & Resort to promote their boutique Tuscan estate

With around 23 million visitors to the region last year, Tuscany remains one of the world’s top tourist destinations and is a region of undisputed natural beauty. Renowned for its enchanting countryside, reminiscent of the landscapes captured within Renaissance masterpieces, sweeping vineyards and olive groves, Tuscany continues to offer the essence of Italy that many dream of. This, combined with its rich artistic legacy and historic architecture, continues to attract visitors from across the globe to experience their very own taste of Tuscan life.

Set within Tuscany’s quintessential rolling hills, below the ancient hilltop town of Castel del Piano, Terre Gialle Residence & Resort is a picturesque estate covering almost 20 acres across some of the most pristine countryside the region has to offer.

This boutique residence and resort is surrounded by vast fields of olives and vines, an array of beautiful gardens and lush evergreen forests, with the town only a five minute drive away. With both full and fractional property ownership options available, Terre Gialle provides the perfect opportunity for each and every individual to indulge in the Tuscan lifestyle.

Simone Rossi, Director, Terre Gialle Residence & Resort, explains the enthusiasm surrounding the project,

“The region of Tuscany is often seen to epitomise the traditional Italian dream, with its mesmerising scenery and relaxed atmosphere it is the perfect setting for a home away from home. With our selection of properties available, we are excited to be able to deliver a choice to those wanting to find their very own place under the Tuscan sun. Both the residence and the resort, under the Terre Gialle brand, offer an experience that can allow everyone to immerse themselves in the year-round magic of Tuscany”.

The estate combines both renovated and new build property. Through fractional ownership, Terre Gialle Resort offers a range of modern 1 and 2 bedroom apartments and 3 bedroom villas. After a resplendent restoration, the historic Residence is comprised of studio, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments.

Exuding a unique, elegant atmosphere, Terre Gialle boasts a range of excellent facilities including a swimming pool with whirlpool, a well-kept park with nature trails and sports facilities, a tennis court and bowling green.

In order to further raise the profile of this magnificent Tuscan resort, Terre Gialle Residence & Resort has appointed leading international property PR agency, AB Property Marketing.

Charlotte Ashton, MD of AB Property Marketing, comments,

“The Terre Gialle estate is enriched with a two hundred year history and is continuously evolving to meet the market trends of the region, without losing the sense of its tradition. We at AB Property Marketing are delighted to be working with Terre Gialle Residence & Resort as they introduce their exciting new estate to the ever popular Tuscan market.”

Fractional ownership at Terre Gialle Resort starts from €28,000 (excluding maintenance cost) for a 4 week allowance per calendar year. The Terre Gialle Residence prices range from €93,500 to €176,000.

For more information about Terre Gialle Residence & Resort, visit www.terregialle.com, email info@terregialle.com or call 0203 637 2215.

AB Property Marketing appointed to represent market leading student accommodation provider, Collegiate

AB Property Marketing appointed to represent market leading student accommodation provider, Collegiate

United Kingdom ,

With greater numbers of undergraduate and postgraduate students now attending universities across the UK than a decade ago (a growth of near on 5% from 2003/4 to 2013/4, according to the Higher Education Statistics Agency), naturally, in turn there has developed an increased need for student housing.

Notoriously of poor quality, cramped, tired-buildings were once the mainstay of this part of the housing sector, providing students with accommodation that did not always allow for the most pleasant of experiences, let alone a living environment that supported them to make the very most of their university careers. Yet in recent years, a new breed of student property has emerged, not only as a solution to these negative refrains but also paving the way for the future of student accommodation: comfortable, forward-thinking and innovative.

Collegiate is the trusted university housing brand that is making strides in this sector; the leading provider of superior student accommodation in some of Britain’s finest university towns, providing perfect solutions for students and excellent opportunities for investors. Reflecting the need for high quality student living, Collegiate accommodation encompasses beautifully-designed modern living and learning spaces, alongside additional facilities that can include on-site gyms, private cinemas and reading rooms to ensure making friends is easier.

Reflecting todays students’ ambitions and the lives they want to lead, not only do the residences provide everything required to support learning, including fast broadband and innovative work spaces, all properties also place the safety of their students as a priority, incorporating features such as CCTV, 24-hour on-call support, and electronic entry systems to provide peace of mind to students and parents alike. Bedrooms are bright and airy, modern in design and fully functional, and communal areas are comfortable and contemporary, making properties a real home from home, well-maintained and of superior quality.

Eri Cuanalo, CEO of Collegiate explains what makes them the standout student accommodation provider in the UK,

“Built and based on our many years of experience in discovering and understanding what students and those who care for them want and expect from quality student accommodation, each and every one of our properties is superbly designed and meticulously maintained to the very highest of standards. Not only this, but we add a little ‘wow’ to each property, ensuring that the transition to university life is easy and enjoyable. At Collegiate, we are proud to hold to our mantra of ‘student living, just better’ and we look forward to the greater expansion of our offering this year.”

In light of Collegiate’s ongoing expansion of their student properties, the company has appointed leading property PR agency, AB Property Marketing, to promote their superior accommodations to students and investors alike.

Charlotte Ashton, MD of AB Property Marketing comments,

“ABPM are delighted to be representing Collegiate at what is a very exciting time for the company as they continue to grow their property portfolio and introduce their luxury accommodation to an even greater number of university students. With their experience in the sector and reputation for the highest of standards, they have truly earned their place as the leading student accommodation provider in the UK. I only wish there was a Collegiate option when I was at university!”

As experts in UK student accommodation, Collegiate are available to provide comment on the industry, opinion on the changing market and an authority voice on the subject of student living.

For more information about Collegiate, visit www.collegiate-ac.com or call 01235 250 140. 

AB Property Marketing appointed by leading Istanbul agent Universal21

AB Property Marketing appointed by leading Istanbul agent Universal21

Turkey ,

36.8 million foreign visitors arriving in 2014. 5.7% growth in average tourism spend in the last five years. 16.3% increase in house sales in December 2014, compared to the previous year. There is no denying it, the Turkish property market is looking hot.

And as 2015 begins to shine the spotlight even more sharply on this growing market, there is one location that is standing out more than all the rest, and not just in Turkey, worldwide. Istanbul is fast gaining an enviable reputation as one of the world’s top tourist destinations, with Trip Advisor ranking it in prime position in its ‘Top 25 World Destinations’ as part of the 2014 Travellers’ Choice Awards, a deserving accolade for a location where ’Europe and Asia meet… where breathtaking ancient architecture coexists with modern restaurants and nightlife.”

A melting pot of history and culture, as well as being a thriving financial centre, the resounding success of Turkey’s largest city has led to a flourishing property market, ripe for investment and increasingly so. Dynamic property company, Universal21, in recognising this, has been successfully working in the South-West region of Istanbul for 7 years and has grown to become proud of its status as the market leader in this field.

With a proven track record of bringing to market a diverse range of major projects in the city, Universal21 is highly experienced and knowledgeable on, the Turkish property market and offers total turnkey rental management services to those buying in Istanbul for investment and those buying for lifestyle reasons alike.

With this wealth of experience behind them, Director of Universal21, Adil Yaman, is sure that 2015 is already on track to be an even more exciting year,

“Istanbul is a renowned transcontinental city that has grown to become the planet’s go-to destination. This has meant that great opportunities have emerged for people investing in the local property market and we are fortunate to be able to help people in this through our wide range of property projects, from studio, one or two bed apartments, through to large, exclusive detached villas.

“With growing tourist numbers and greater development in the property market already being recorded this year, it is clear that 2015 is going to build, further still, on this enviable reputation and we look forward to what it will bring for Universal21 and our clients.”

Further to this increasing success, both for Istanbul and Universal21, the company has announced the appointment of leading property PR agency, AB Property Marketing to further grow their presence in the market.

Charlotte Ashton, MD of AB Property Marketing comments,

“Istanbul is a truly exciting market right now, as it continues to expand into 2015 and beyond. With no restrictions on foreign ownership, more and more people are realising the many benefits of buying in the Turkish property market and we are thrilled to be able to help spread the word of Universal 21’s part in this success. ABPM are proud to be working with such an established and highly thought of company as Universal21 and look forward to playing our part in further developing their central place in the Istanbul market.”

As experienced major players in the Istanbul property market, from both an investment and lifestyle perspective, Universal21 are available for market opinion, project information/images and to provide comment on buying overseas.

For more information about Universal21, visit www.universal21.com or call 0203 287 8700.